Building of the future In 40 years

What i will put in my house in 40 years
My ideas


Technology in 40 years

Best case

The best case is that we will have something to block people from coming in to your privacy by hacking because in 40 years is going to be very hard to stay out of been hacked because we our going to have better tech in 40 years time

Worst case

The bad thing is people would have a easier chance too hack inside the houses so you will have to fix that

Most probable

In 40 years the houses will have blind folds not curtains it will just foam up the windows straight away we wont have electric ones or curtains you will have a remote that will foam up the windows

Global warming

As global warming is going to rise your going to have to have your houses protected from huricains so huricains protection and you will need earthquakes protection because you will never know what will happen.

The whole world would turn out like this


The enviroment will be important in your house because at one point you will need food in your house or if not you will die

The worst case scenario is that you suffer with no food wich would make you die

To fix that problem you will need poo and. any veggie wich would grow another veggie wich will make you have two (dont laugh)


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