Flat Earth

What is it?

The truth of the universe. The flat earth theory states that the earth is flat rather than spherical.

This is how our solar system actually looks.

How can you be sure that it's flat?

1. The Sinking Ship Effect

The sinking ship observation was first observed by the Ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle. Aristotle noticed that ships hulls appeared to sink into the ocean as they got further from the viewers perception point. People who believe the round earth conspiracy think that the boat is dissapearing behind a hill of water, although sailors who experimented this observation noticed that, if they looked through a telescope at the boat, found that they could see the entire boat rather than see a hill of water.

2. The Bedford Canal Experiment.

This experiment included a white notice board and a boat. The board was attached to the boat so that the boat would take it further from the viewer. The "curvature" of the Earth should have covered the board, but, through a telescope, the board never disappeared. This proved that their is no "curvature" of the Earth.

3. The Bishop Experiment

This experiment says, according to the round earth conspiracy, that all bodies of water should be convexed. The experiment was conducted Monteray bay, a bay which is connected to the pacific ocean. From one extreme point to another point on the bay, the other side should have been covered by a hill of water. At the summit of any curvature of a body of water, there should be a 750 foot hill of water. This should block the view of anybody trying to view the other side, but it doesn't.

Additional Information

Ice Wall

The ice wall is what covers the ends of the earth. James Clark Ross describes it as "It was ... an obstruction of such character as to leave no doubt in my mind as to our our future proceedings, for we might as well sail through the cliffs of dover as to penetrate it"

High Altitude Photos

as you can see, there is no round curvature.

The flat earth theory states that their is eliptical curvature around 50 miles above sea level. You can see no round curvature in low space.


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