Our Veterans upped their game this week with the suite of Value Added Services from Aflac. Combined with the EDGE Conversation model, we are now ready to take our client relationships to the next level. Thank you to those who attended. It will be a game-changer for the future of your business!
...and now there's a contest just for those of you who came to one of the conferences. Knock out an AFAME category OR win $250 just for implementing what you learned this week!
Territory-wide AFAME Day is coming this week! Along with your chance to clinch an AFAME category! Many of you will be in Alaska this week... don't let that keep you from participating! Nominate on May 10th for your chance to win prizes. Nominate 2 on May 10th for your chance to clinch an AFAME category!
Will you be On the Boat? Central America awaits.... Lock in your AFAME early! See the adjusted criteria below and make sure you're planning for success. Complete your AFAME Commitment Forms if you haven't already done so!

Q2 AFAME Criteria

Please note the category changes for 2nd quarter. Now with AFAME Day, 2 nominations on May 10th will count for the ABC W# issued category!
Veterans, this one is for YOU! Another way to maximize your earnings in Q2!
Top New Account Openers

Paula Bradfield, Julian Fischer, Lydia Johnson, and Jeffrey Martin : all with 1 New Account

Triple Crown Series Qualifiers!

1st-Year Triple Crown celebrates agents who hit the ground running and deserve an extra measure of recognition for their achievements. 2nd-Year Triple Crown honors those who demonstrate a continued desire to achieve and who do so through hard work and determination. Triple Crown winners have proven that they have what it takes to rise to the top in one of the most competitive fields in business – sales. Please congratulation our Week 18 Qualifiers!

Jonathan Earl - Super Fast Start



Wendi Horak $9,514

Dylan Mclemore $6,639

Jeffrey Martin $4,977

Mitzi Davis $4,019

Jules Fischer $3,782

Top 5 DSCs AP

Julia Hadorn $14,541

Rusty Helin $13,985

Jim Fletcher $11,967

Julian Duarte $9,379

Stacie Juenemann $9,160

Top DSC in New Accounts

Angela Cook, Julian Duarte, Mark Harris, Stacie Juenemann & Dave Windholz with 1 each.


Caleb Gilmour & the Encore Region - $52,112 - 1 New Account

"Free Pass" Don't forget if you qualified for AFAME in Q1 this is yours!
Do you have an AFAME Game Plan?
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Jessica Eskew

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