Self-Exhibit 2 Reading Skills and RETRIEVAL


Reading has always been one of my favorite hobbies. However, reading for college courses can be a little more difficult than sitting back and enjoying a good Nora Roberts novel. Before I took CU1010, whenever I read for college I just read the material and put it down. The information would generally stick with me since I have been so used to reading all of my life. However, I would forget tiny little details that were necessary for my knowledge and that was not okay. Therefore, I wanted to produce an exhibit that tests my reading skills. The main objective of this experiment is to verify which reading method works best for me and helps me retain the most of the material.


  • First, I am going to read a chapter of Working Toward Excellence that I have already read. I will read the chapter only and set the book down. Then, I am going to try and recall the main ideas of that chapter. After I have done that, I am going to go through the chapter again to verify if I recalled all of the main ideas and record my progress.
  • Then, I am going to read another chapter of Working Toward Excellence that I have already read. However, this time I am going to highlight the text and make any comments/connections regarding ideas I have. After I have done that, I will try to recall all of the main ideas in the chapter. And once more, I will go back through the chapter to verify if I had recalled all of the main ideas and record my progress.
Chapter 3: Highlighted and marked text
Chapter 7: Read only


After completing the above methods here is what I found- For Chapter 3 (the highlighted and marked text) I could recall these main ideas:

  • We must improve our starting point
  • Improvement is a by-product of process
  • Excellence must be crock-potted, not microwaved
  • Quality AND quantity
  • Malcolm Gladwell: 1,000 hours per year
  • Focus on the process - not the product

And for Chapter 7, the main ideas I could recall are:

  • John C. Maxwell "Pay now, play later. Play now, pay later."
  • Don't be afraid to say no
  • Be punctual


After conducting this experiment, I have determined that I most definitely need to mark and highlight each text that I read. As you can see in the results above, I could not recall nearly as many main ideas in Chapter 7 like I did with Chapter 3. This is because with Chapter 7, I only read the text. I did not highlight important ideas, or quotes. I also did not make any connections with the the text because I was focused only on reading the material. However, with Chapter 3 I highlighted ideas I liked, drew connections with ideas presented and how I could modify this in my life. Highlighting quotes and drawing connections also made it a lot easier for me to remember minuscule details rather than just bigger concepts presented in the text. In regards to my results from this experiment, I recommend everyone to mark the text and highlight when reading for classes. This will not only help you to remember important information easier but it will also make it easier for you to find the important concepts if you have to go back tot the text. I am very glad I conducted this experiment and chose to research my reading skills because now I know I can retain knowledge much more thoroughly by marking up the text!


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