Victoria Falls a unesco world heritage site

The Victoria Falls presents a spectacular sight of awe-inspiring beauty and grandeur on the Zambezi River, forming the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. This place is known as one of the seven wonders in the world. There are some activities to do like the 111 metter high bungee jump, river surfing, kayaking, heart stopping Goerge swings, zip wires and many more.This place is not that hard to go to you just have to go on car at your location and are some little walk ways and it will take you directly to the Victoria falls.

the Victoria falls make a border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.
  • Explanation of the WHS’s significance -Stone artifacts from the Hominin Homo Habilis have been identified near the falls and show that early humans may have lived here two million years ago. More tools also evidence far more recent 50,000 years ago.
David Livingstone, a scottish missionary and explorer, is known to be the first European to vist the Victoria Falls

This World Heritage Site must stay protected because some animals use it for living and for visiting. It shouldn’t be neglected because without it tourist wouldn't be able to visit such a beautiful place.

Tourist visiting the Victoria falls

Visitors could visit each town by a accessible road, rail, or air. Which it offers for them to take them to the Victoria falls easy and fast way. There are hotels were you could stay in Zambia and Zimbabwe to be close to them.

A hotel were tourist stay to visit

Conclusion -This is a great place so you could visit and have a good time and to relax from that hard work. This place is also known as the seven wonders in the world.

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