Diversity at Redwood: the importance of perspective by Maggie Smith

“Redwood isn’t diverse.”

We’ve all heard it before, or maybe we've observed it while walking through the hallways. While this comment may be true in a very surface-level way, it neglects the students who bring a variety of perspectives and experiences to our school. It groups people into narrow boxes. After all, there are many different types of diversity, we often just have trouble recognizing them. Instead of diminishing diversity at Redwood, we should be learning about the experiences of those who are different from us, even if it doesn’t look like it on the surface. We should make more of an effort to listen to students who may not be recognized on traditional Redwood platforms. By learning about fellow students, and by hearing their stories, we can expand our perspectives not only about our school, but also about the world as a whole.


"I'm just trying to figure out who I am" - Val Calef (sophomore)

Illustration by Christine Watridge


"There's no one I really know here who goes through the same experience I do" - Saffiya Beauchomp (freshman)

Illustration by Audrey Hettleman


"There's obviously pressure, but I see it as good pressure to succeed" - Achinthya Poduval (junior)

Illustration by Grace Moser


"Being biracial lets you see two perspectives. Within yourself, you have more than one story, more than one origin" - Lili Ostoijc-Gibson (sophomore)

Illustration by Natasha Arnowitz


“At Redwood, there’s definitely a culture of resistance to a lot of ideas” - Jack Walsh (senior)

Illustration by Vicens Vila


"I felt pressure to prove that I could do anything just as well as they can" - Vanessa Veto (junior)

Illustration by Madelaine Guthrie

Created By
Maggie Smith

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