Soccer is the most played sport around the world. It is the second most popular sport in America today. Many people around the world view soccer as a lifestyle. Others view soccer as just a game.
Many people argue who the best players are. The most current phenomenon is Cristiano Ronaldo. He plays for one of the most famous club teams in the world. He also plays for his home country Portugal.
Real Madrid is one of the biggest clubs in Spain. They have some of the most well known players in the game today. Such as Ronaldo, Ramos, and Bale. Real Madrid has produced many players that will never be forgotten.
Once every four years there is a tournament for all countries around the world to compete in. It is called the World Cup. Last time this event occurred it was held in Brazil. Germany ended up winning the whole thing in the finals.
The U.S has a national team too. The face of the USMNT is changing due to a new player being called up to play for the team. Christian Pulisic now represents his country at the age of 18. He is one of the youngest players to go through the program. The head coach was recently fired and a new one replaced him. Soccer is slowly growing every year.


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