Gracie By: Mila


Is it a real baby? No, it's a realistic baby doll, a doll that looks like a real baby. If you think babies look so cute, but don't want a real baby, you can buy a realistic baby doll. Read on to find out more about theses fascinating dolls.


My realistic baby doll "Gracie" looks like a real baby. Gracie has realistic brown hair that was glued on top of her head. Gracie has ice blue eyes and white skin. Her arm, legs, and head are made out of silicone, and her torso inside made out of stuffing. She has a peanut nose, that is why her nickname is peanut. She also weighs like real baby to make her even more life like.

How She Came

When Gracie came she was wearing a cute onesie with little elephants that were pink and gray and a pink cap. She also came with cap with bow in the middle. She came with a certificate with what number of order she was made in. There was bubble wrap wrapped around her hands and feet with ribbon tied into a bow. Her hair was in a white hair net, so her hair won't get all messed up.


There's many websites to look at when your investing to get a realistic baby doll or reborns. The difference between reborns and realistic baby dolls, reborns have a whole realistic torso, but some realistic baby dolls just have a stuffing torso. I do not recommend reborns to little kids because reborns are a little too life like. But I think it's okay when kids have a realistic baby doll, it's not so realistic.


I think it's a great why to spend your money. Will you buy a realistic doll?


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