Instructional Technology Newsletter January 2019

Schoology tip

Creating a welcome area for essential links and information that you don't want students to miss

This video details how to add important course information and links to the top of your materials page so it cannot be missed by students. This is a great way to move links, information and other materials that you may have on your teacher web page to your Schoology course.

are you a NMS or SV teacher who Still hasn't tried Schoology?

  • New marking period coming great opportunity to get going!

If you haven't gotten familiar witht this is program yet, resolve to start with the next marking period! I 'd be happy to work with deptarments or individuals to help you get going. We can even link in the Google Classroom you currently use! Let me help you make this transition as easy and seemless as possible, don't wait until its too late, start now!

Online voice recorder

Easiest way to record audio.


In the past creating a digital audio recording was cumbersome. Which app or extension will I need? How can I easily get that on all student devices? With online voice recorder that process has been simpified. There are no apps or extensions to install. Simply go to their website: https://online-voice-recorder.com and you are ready to go. Create a recording and download it to that device. This would be a great tool to add engagment to any topic of study.

2 Google Doc add- ons to improve student writing!

Language Tool is a helpful add-on for proofreading your writing. The tool scans your Google Doc for style and grammar problems. When issues are found, it not only identifies the spot, but also offers an explanation of what the problem is and possible ways to fix it. This can be very beneficial for students checking their work before submitting to their teacher, or even for students providing peer editing feedback for their classmates.

Another helpful tool for proofreading is the SAS Writing Reviser Add-on. When you run this tool you can choose from 25 different tests that will check over your document. These include tests in sentence economy, sentence variety, sentence power, sentence clarity, and more. This can be helpful to give students additional insight into their writing and some possible corrections or improvement they may make when revising. Free, but some sign up information is required.

YouTube "Read Aloud" Book Videos for Kids

The post linked in the button below details a multitude of high quality youtube channels that feature read alouds appropriate for younger students. Although there is no substitute for reading to students in person, these valuable read aloud videos can be assigned in Google Classroom and used a supplement to what you already do. By linking one of these videos into a Google Classroom assignment, students could review ELA skills and apply them to these stories to analyze plot, characters, setting or any other element of ELA in an engaging way and submit it digitally to you. This could become a great center acitivity that reinforces your lessons.

Connect your students with others around the world with flipgrid using #gridpals

A newer feauture offered through Flipgrid is #Gridpals. Gridpals allows you to find fellow teachers and classrooms from around the country or world to connect your classes via Flipgrid. If you love what Flipgrid offers your students imagine that impact with outside perspectives and activities working with others from around the globe. This is a worthwhile way to make your learning global while using a tool you may already be familiar with.

How to make timelines using Google SLides

Student essentials for Google sheets

If you have been interested in using Google Sheets with students for basic data Alice Keeler provides some helpful tips on what students should know. My favorite part is where she uses the merge cell option to allow space for students to write about their data. This video is very brief and basic but helpful if you are looking to get started with students.

This video is best for elementary or others new to sheets. Have students record data or create a table and have them explain the data inside the merged cells. The result is a single document with collected data and student analysis of it built in. Like any other Google item this can be done individually or collaboratively.

The edufuturists Podcast

Get a glimpse into the future of education and technology each week with the Edufuturists podcast

The Edufuturists podcast is a weekly show hosted by Ben Whitaker and Dan Fitzpatrick, and focuses on the future of education and the impact of technology. They have one guest on each week for an interview that is limited to exactly 15 minutes.

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