Natural History Museum samantha freedman

Nature on Display


I found the exhibit about the sea life extremely appealing. I found the design appealing because it made it feel as if you were under the water with all of the animals. The room was lit very dim as if we were deep in the ocean and there were lights that made the room seem like water. Not only was the atmosphere life like, the display of the animals was life size. It felt as if you were swimming alongside them. From this exhibit I learned more about what is out there in parts of the world unknown to me. When looking at pictures, it is hard to get a full understanding for what kinds of animals are in the ocean and how big they actually are. I had no idea there were jellyfish bigger than me out there.

Nature and Ethics

in the butterfly garden

The Natural History museum allowed us to experience nature the way Leopald recommends. It allows you to step into nature itself and enjoy what it has to offer. As you walk through each exhibit, it is as if you are a part of the scene it is trying to display. Whether it be that you are alongside life sized sea animals, or next to a real skeleton of a large elephant, or actually alongside real life butterflies. This gave me a sense of appreciation for nature. As I walked through the exhibits, I saw tons of young children who were not necessarily as appreciative for the nature they were seeing, but were still getting to be exposed to it. The museum did instill the ethical responsibility Leopald imagines because it allows you to truly appreciate what nature has to offer.

Nature and Human Spirit

with the Skeleton in the Lobby of the Museum

The Natural History museum allows you to explore parts of nature you would never see before. In the butterfly garden, you are able to literally step into a room filled with butterflies and trees. This gives you the feeling of being alone in nature without the distractions of the real world. The museum also allows us to pretend like we are standing in other nature locations. It allows its visitors to step into a world that is unknown to us.

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