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Have you ever wondered how something was made? Have you ever considered that that object was thought of by mistake? Well, I will tell you right now that some were made by mistake, and more than you would think! Every day you encounter something made by mistake! After you read this, you will know how the top 6 most wanted to hear how they were made mistake objects chose by 5th graders were made were made. These inventions including food, household items, and just plain fun facts!

6: Archimedes Principle

(finding the consistency or volume of an object)

A long time ago Archimedes was sent by the king to figure out if the crown the king had just bought From a Craftsman was made out of real gold. Archimedes Was the smartest mathematician in the Kingdom. Archimedes worked for days. One day Archimedes was in the bathtub.When Archimedes got in, he notice the water went up.When he got out he noticed it went down. He found out that you could find the volume of an object by laying it in water. Archimedes ran out of the bathtub and didn't put on any clothes. He ran to the king to tell him what he had discovered. The king laid Crown in the water and figured out it was made of 70% silver and 30% gold.The Craftsman was killed the next day and Archimedes became the number one mathematician and second-in-command in the Kingdom. The technique later became the “Archimedes principle”. People still use this principle today to in the military and science experiments.

this is how the principle works

5: Buttons on Sleeves

Buttons on sleeves were made by king Frederick and he was disgusted when people wiped their noses on their sleeve. He thought about this for a long time. Finally, he made an idea that it would help if he put buttons on their sleeve to make them whenever they wanted to wipe their nose on their sleeve, it would give them a good scratch. King Frederick gave the buttoned sleeves to soldiers and insisted they wore them. Later this caught on to the whole kingdom, and later the world. Now they are a sense of fashion and everyday clothing. All because of disgust from a king.

4: Dry Cleaning

(a cleaning substance that gets stains out)

Dry cleaning was made by a man that broke an oil lamp, and the oil went all over his wife's new table cloth. He rubbed with his hand and hoped it would come off (he knew he wouldn't get it out.) To his surprise it came totally out. Even the food stains that soaked in the night before. He was amazed. When his wife got home he told her and later they made a company of dry cleaning. Dry cleaning is still used today to get bad spills or stains out of clothing or any other cloth materials.

3: Microwaves

(a box that heats when you put food in it)

Microwaves were made by a man named Percy Spenser. One day Percy was running a test on radar waves (micro waves) and stuck his hand in his pocket. He remembered he had his candy bar in his pocket. When he pulled it out of his pocket, it had all melted. He thought for a while, then he realized that the candy bar melted because of the radar waves. Then he ran a few tests to see how effective this was. After running a few tests he thought he could mass-produce the radar waves into little boxes that you can put your food in. when you put your food in it would heat up your food To the right temperature, and when you were ready, you could take it out and eat your food all warm. He quit his job and mass-produced the item. People loved it. Later on he called it, the Microwave. Microwaves are used today to heat your food up easily.

2: Silly Putty

(a substance that’s a solid, but feels like a liquid, and acts like jello)

James Wright was working in his military office when he was trying to make a strong rubber for plane tires and Military boots. After a long day he came up with a solution that he was pretty sure would work. What he got was a slimy and sticky solution. He played around with this solution for a little while. He thought that this would be a cool toy. He quit his job to mass-produce the sticky solution.The solution later catch on as, silly putty. Kids you's the solution today as a toy.

1: ?

Number 1 and the most voted wanted to hear how it was made was…. FIREWORKS! Fireworks were made By a Chinese cook That was making a meal that had charcoal sulfur and saltpeter (popular ingredients at the time). Then, stuffed it into a bamboo tube (people didn't know why) and accidentally caught on fire. It shot into the air and made a beautiful explosion. This was the birth of the firework.

Now the top 6 have been revealed, and all the words have been read. But it is not over. None of these people made these inventions on purpose. And maybe the next time you try to make something and it doesn't work, try to make something new out of it. Because Albert Einstein once said” ANYONE WHO HAS NEVER MADE A MISTAKE HAS NEVER TRIED ANYTHING NEW”. (To see the polls of my survey and the time line of all the events, look below.)

time line


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