Tyler Perry By: Ariana Lintner

The guy who made over 760,000,000 dollars in movies, wrote over 15 books, started his career at just 18, and has been nominated over 35 times for his productions, I give you Tyler Perry.

The guy who can do anything. The determination and care he gives to others is what makes him a Renaissance man. Tyler Perry’s childhood. To start off his childhood Tyler Perry was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in a small town. His parents were Maxine and Emmit Perry. When Tyler was 16 he changed his name from Emmit .Jr to Tyler because he did not want any relation with his abusive father. Tyler was physically abused when he was a child. The phisical abuse was so bad that he tried to commit suicide.In addition to being physically abused, he was also sexually abused be several adults and strangers. The only two people he loved in his life was his aunt and his mother. His mother was also physically abused by his father and she actually tried to leave when Tyler was very young but failed when he called the police and said that she stole his car, she was then driven back to Louisiana. To conclude this passage of Tyler Perry’s childhood here is a quote from himself “ I found what you feed will grow in your life, and what you don't will starve”.

Tyler Perry - Photo Shoot

Tyler Perry’s career. Tyler Perry's began his career at the age of 18.He was watching Opra like he did every Saturday. She said “write your dreams down and keep trying” after that he kept a diary and wrote in it everyday. After almost a year of writing he put his dreams into reality and that is how he came up with his first theater piece called “I know I've been changed”. When he first released “I Know I've Been Changed” it was not popular at all he moved to New York and became homeless because no one was watching the theater. About 1 to 2 years later it became a big hit in show biz. In addition to that a year later he directed and starred in “I Can Do Bad All By Myself” and that was an even bigger hit. Over all he has done 17 feature films, 20 stage plays, 7 television shows, wrote over 15 books, and won over 10 awards.

Tyler Perry- Chart of his movies

Tyler Perry's biggest accomplishments. Tyler was 18 when he first started directing. Tyler's top production was the Madea series. His top book was “Don't Make a Black Women Take Off Her Earrings”. He has wrote over 15 books. In addition he has been nominated 35 times for his movies by Oscars, Golden Globe, and several others. Not to mention he has done over 20 stage films. He has also had 17 feature films and over 7 TV shows. Over a course of his career he has made several accomplishments and many more to come.

Tyler Perry- Photo Shoot
Tyler and Opra

Tyler Facts

- Tyler Perry is 47 years old

- Tyler Perry has made over $760,000,000 just in movies

- Parents are Maxine and Emmit Perry

- His mom Died

-His top movie was "Madea Goes To Jail"

-His top movie made $90,508,336

- Opera was his inspiration

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