PricewaterhouseCoopers COle Gabriel

Objectives and Culture

  • Diversity and Inclusion: PwC believes that companies can't find the best solutions to company problems without first facing the problems in our own communities.
  • Work/Life Quality: PwC understands that if they want their workers to be able to best perform, each worker needs to be allocated enough time to rest and refuel.
  • Community Commitment: PwC is a huge proponent of corporate responsibility, especially through donation of funds and community service.

Primary Services

  • Audit and Assurance: Inspection of organizational accounts to ensure that each company follows proper financial procedures
  • Consulting: Experts evaluate companies and offer advice on accounting procedures to move the business forward
  • Tax Services: Filing of federal income tax returns and assistance with state, local, and international returns


  • Advancement: Because PwC is such a large company, there are several opportunities for advancement at the campus, professional, and executive levels.
  • Professional Development/Higher Education: Developmental training to build credentials and help workers remain relevant in the workplace

Critical Elements of PwC

  • Objectives & Culture
  • Primary Services
  • Opportunities for Advancement and Higher Learning


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