Forest River By Zachary

Salmon, are you looking for the perfect river to stay and spawn? Salmon have important needs to stay safe from predators, high temperatures, and trash. Forest River provides all these things!

In your new river, you will be healthy and very cool. Forest river has a perfect range of Ph balance, ranging from 6-8.5 our forest river does not have any dams or other made power generators.This keeps our water from being overly warm and free from the other dangerous trash.Our tempature ranges from 5-9 degrees celsius.

Our healthy temperature levels help insure our river has healthy amounts of dissolved oxygen.The best levels are seven or more parts per million.

To much sediment is bad for salmon.Forest river has enough sediment to support salmon food supply, but not so much that eggs and alevin get killed.Forest river has a quick current that carries sediment.It also has lots of trees and plants growing along the banks and this keeps mud from getting in the river.

Young salmon need plenty of insects and invertebrates to eat and full grown salmon need small fish.Forest river has both of these food groups.

Forest river has lots of gravel for eggs and alevin and even water flow for fry.We have vegetation that provides shelter for smolt.

There are very low pollution in forest river


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