Project 3: ANTY Evan Golden with Ben Brossart


Phase 1

Build and program a robot modeled to look like a robotic ant, that uses legs instead of wheels to move. Programmed to respond to the environment y expressing different types of behaviors using its sensors.



Anty Color Sensing program
Avoid Obstacles Program
Finding Food Program
Opposite Program


What I Learned

I learned how to make a My Block and correctly use it in the several programs we were shown to use for ANTY. I learned how to use motors and programs to use offset legs to move as an ant does.

Phase 2


We use the Lego app to command our robot via Bluetooth.

What I learned

I learned how to use the Lego app's controls and control my robot on the go. I also learned how to use the Bluetooth mode and the Lego


Created By
Evan Golden



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