Dunter News By, Divy S, Hunter B.

Two Unlikely Heroes

The Outsiders

Feature story

Serious church fire erupts in Windrixville

When Ponyboy and Johnny are coming back from the Dairy Queen, they notice a group of schoolchildren on a picnic. All of a sudden, a parent chaperone cries that there is a fire in the church. The two boys quickly rush over to find out what was going on. The parents say that the church just caught on fire all of a sudden. Then, the counselor points out that some of the children are still in the church. A parent named Jerry volunteers to help but Ponyboy and Johnny rush into the church to save the kids first. One by one, they throw the kids out of the open window and away from the fire. After they save the last one, they quickly try to rush out of the building as fast as they can. Ponyboy makes it out alive with fire burning on his back. Another man named Dally comes and knocks out the fire from Ponyboy’s back as Ponyboy soon faints. Johnny was trying to make it out of the church when a pillar came crashing down on is back. Thanks to these boys bravery, the kids were saved although the saviors are injured. Dally has a broken and burned arm, while Ponyboy has a minor burn on his back. Johnny has a broken back and is less likely to survive. Even if Johnny does survive, he will be crippled for the rest of his life. Many believe they were absent-minded to run into a flaming building like that, but they should be remembered as heroes.

Ponyboy and Johnny in the church



Dallas Winston was shot down by police after recently robbing a grocery store. He pulled a gun out of the waistband of his pants, and the police had no choice whether to shoot or not. It was their lives or the juvenile delinquent’s life. They obviously had to shoot, their lives were in danger. The thing that makes this death interesting, is when they examined the gun, it was unloaded. Had he walked willingly into death, or did he more likely forget to load his gun? And if he knew the gun was unloaded, why did he pull that gun on those police officers?


"How do you Feel about the stereotyping of the Greaser from the Socs?"

Ponyboy- "It definitely is a very annoying thing and really frustrating for us greasers. It feels like our two groups have detached from each other and just think that our two groups have things in common. Rumbles are always recurring no matter how much we don't bother them. They act like we are the menace of the world when truly, we are the same as them. Sure we are not rich or meant to be smart, but we have a lot of issues in both of our groups. Hopefully after Johnny and I had saved those kids at the church, the socs will realize that our groups are the same instead of keeping their conviction of us being hoods.



Left half- Dally and Johnny (since they cared for each other). On the right half- Dally and Randy (since they hated each other)

Original Picture


This original drawing represents how love can affect the way people act towards other. On the left side you see two people that love each other so they are very nice and caring towards each other. On the right you see two complete strangers fighting because they don't care for each other. This is related to the novel because it shows how Dally did not care for any of the gang except to Johnny. Towards Johnny, he would do anything to protect him and make sure he does not get hurt. For the others he didn't care whether they were in a fight or not. When Johnny died, Dally killed himself because he felt he did not have anything to live for without Johnny.

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