Nickel Toby davIEs

Electric dot diagram



Atomic Number


Atomic Mass


Melting Point in °C

1455 C

Boiling Point in °C

2913 C

Normal state of matter at room temperature.

(solid, liquid or gas)


Metal, non-metal or metalloid


Rare or Common


Appearance (color, smell, hardness)

Ductile,all sorts of colors; shiny, Appearence varies

Where it is found


Who discovered it

Axel Fredrick Constedt

Axel Fredrick Constedt

When was it discovered


How was it Discovered

He discovered it from a mineral called niccolite, Constent Tried to extract copper from it, but instead got a white metal which he called nickel


Origin of its name

shortened from kupfernickel which means Devils copper, It also came from the ore it was extracted from, called Niccolite.

Some interesting facts:

Used to make nickels(American 5 cent coin)

Used in Hybrid Cars

Used for batteries

It can effect the growth of plants

It is in beans, especially baked beans.

It can sometimes cause a elergic reaction

5 Cent Nickel Coin

Nickel Can be removed from Its ore using carbon Dioxide

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