Krakow Alyssa, Bridgette, Kelly

A) 70,000 Jews populated Krakow at its height.

B) Germans would frequently claim that they were deporting Krakow to labor camps when they were really sending them to the Belsen killing center.

C) Judenrat

D) Textile factories, brickwork factories, and a stone quarry. Along with construction projects

E) Jerozolimska street in the Plaszow suburb of Krakow

F) The ghetto was open specifically for workers

G) Food was traded for on the black market, people would also smuggle in potatoes in an attempt to provide sustenance for themselves.

After the crowd had assembled the SD/SS men took photographs of the Jews on horse-drawn wagons. This was done as evidence to illustrate the resettlements were being done in a humane way. However, after the photographs were taken, the Jews were brutally chased from the wagons, with shouting and beatings.

December 1942 the Krakow ghetto was divided into Ghetto ‘A’ for the working Jews, and Ghetto ‘B’ for the non-workers, the elderly, the sick, and the children. This was an important step in the preparation for the final liquidation of the Krakow Ghetto. On 14 March(Sunday) Ghetto ‘B’ where the non-working – the elderly, the sick and children aged up to 14 was liquidated. Approximately 3,000 people were killed during this.

October 1942, some leaders in the more radical wing of the underground, two existing resistance groups, the Zionist-oriented Bnei Akiva, led by Laban Leibowicz, Shimon Draenger, and Dolek Liebeskind, and the Socialist Ha-Shomer ha-Za'ir group, led by Heshek Bauminger and Benjamin Halbrajch, merged into one organization, the Jewish Fighting Organization.The most important ZOB attack took place in cooperation with Communist partisans on December 23, 1942, at the Cyganeria cafe, in the center of Krakow, which was frequented by German officers. The ZOB killed 12 Germans in this attack.

Map of Krakow
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