School Security Katharine mudd

December 14, 2012

Newton, Conneticut

Sandy Hook Elementary School

20 children didn't come home from school that day.

Can we prevent events like this from occurring?

Is it possible to always keep our students safe?

Implementing school security systems may be the solution so many people have been searching for.

- wrongdoers fear being caught on camera

Aid law enforcement officials in gathering useful information

Able to know the whereabouts of students at all times

School budgets would need to be increased

Invasion of privacy

Require installation and routine maintenance

Would security cameras have made a difference in the outcome at Sandy Hook Elementary?

Would all of those children have made it out alive?

Let's take a look at the layout of the school.

Where would the cameras have been placed?

Would it really have helped deter the shooter?

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Katharine Mudd


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