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In order to access the NMJC Student Housing Application you must complete this Housing Orientation.

Make sure to watch each of the videos so you can correctly answer the questions. To get back to this page after a video, click the white X in the video's upper right corner.

Student Housing Staff can help you with:

  • Questions about NMJC college life
  • Locked out of your room?
  • Need to report something that needs to be fixed in your dorm or apartment?
  • Pick up mail or packages
  • Need someone to talk to?
  • Residents on your floor being disruptive?
  • Have concerns about another resident?
  • In a conflict with your roommate?
  • Lonely or homesick?
  • Concerned about your personal safety?

Any other questions or concerns?

We are here for you!

Student Housing Policies

Resident Expectations
Room Furnishings
Visitor Curfew Rules & Expectations

Visitor Curfew in all dorms and apartments is 12:00 am (midnight) Sunday through Thursday.

Weekend Visitor Curfew in all dorms and apartments is 1:00 am, Friday & Saturday nights.

Students are allowed in the Courtyard until 3:00 am but must be aware of other students' rights and must keep the noise level down.

Visitor Curfew is Mandatory for ALL visitors.

No guests are allowed in residents' rooms after curfew through 8:00 am the following morning.

Excessive Noise

Noise that disrupts other residents' quiet time or sleep is excessive. Stereos, TVs and radios should be kept at a level which is not heard outside of the room.

Quiet and study hours are designated times for sleeping and studying. Noise should be kept to a minimum and are designed to provide an environment where students can succeed both personally and academically.
Quiet hours are Sunday through Thursday 10:00 pm - 9:00 am. Friday & Saturday 12 midnight to 9:00 am.

At all other times, courtesy hours are in effect, which implies the noise level should be respectful of the rights and needs of others.

Skateboarding, bouncing balls, wrestling, bicycling and other disruptive activities are prohibited within the residence halls, apartments, and breeze ways.
During finals week each semester, 24-hours of quiet times are enforced.
Room Accessories, Decorations and Signage
  • Be careful when affixing posters, pictures, etc., or decorating for the holidays. Nothing should be affixed to the ceilings. Do not paint, paste, nail, staple or thumb tack anything to the doors or walls of the unit or the hallways.
  • Adhesive stick-ups, duct tape, scotch tape and masking tape are prohibited and will remove paint and/or leave residue behind.
  • Only Command Strips may be used! They can be purchased at the NMJC Bookstore.
  • Absolutely no dart boards allowed. Students will be fined and the dart board will be confiscated.
  • No string lights. String lights will be confiscated with no assurance they can be stored.
  • No pornographic or offensive pictures or decorations of any kind will be allowed in any campus Student Housing facilities. Anything deemed to be offensive to a resident or guest will be removed from the area.
  • Decorating with empty alcohol containers, boxes, logos, etc. is not allowed. This includes alcoholic beverage bottle caps.

Reminder: Candles are not allowed! They will be confiscated and discarded.

Check-out Process

Pack your belongings and move them out.

Clean your room.

Please vacuum, dust, rearrange furniture and make sure all drawers and closets are empty.

Belongings left behind will be discarded or donated to a local charity.

Close and lock all windows.

Close all blinds.

Have a Housing Supervisor inspect the room.

Sign any paperwork and turn in key to Supervisor.

Improper check-out results in a fine.

Please be patient with the Supervisors! There will be many students needing to complete the process.
During Winter Break, the dorm is closed. You may leave your belongings in your room. The college is not responsible for lost or damaged items.


If Maintenance is called to your room/unit for a repair that is a result of misuse, the student will be charged a minimum of $50 for the repair(s).

Alcohol and Drug Policy

NMJC Housing facilities are alcohol free.

(Even if you are over 21)

All state and federal laws pertaining to alcohol and other drugs, including controlled substances, apply to residents and guests within NMJC Student Housing.

"Under the influence of Alchol and/or Drugs" is defined by behaviors or attitudes that include, but are not limited to, slurred or incoherent speech, unstable balance, vomiting, poor coordination, glazed or non-focusing eyes or dilated pupils, perceptible odor on clothes or breath and disruptive or belligerent behavior. In the absence of detection devices such as Breathalyzers, observation of behavior by those bringing the charges will be considered grounds for charges.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages off campus that influence behavior on campus is subject to disciplinary actions under this guideline.

Alcohol Policy as Applied to Student Housing

Persons who accept housing in a NMJC dorm or student apartment are responsible for violations of the Alcohol Policy which occur in their dorm room or apartment if they know or have reason to know of such violations.

Each of the following is a violation of the Alcohol Policy at NMJC:

  1. To knowingly sell, serve, give or provide beverages to any person within any of the locations where this policy applies, including dorm room and student apartments.
  2. To knowingly remain in the location where alcoholic beverages are being served or consumed in violation of the Alcohol Policy.
  3. To buy alcoholic beverages for, or facilitate the service of alcoholic beverages to a person under 21 years of age.
  4. To knowingly possess alcoholic beverages in a dorm or student apartment or to knowingly remain in the presence of others who are in possession of or consuming alcoholic beverages within a dorm room or student apartment.
  5. To knowingly possess any bottle, can or other receptacle containing any alcoholic beverage or to knowingly remain in the presence of such containers in a dorm room, student apartment, or other location where this policy applies.

New Mexico Junior College is a drug free institution.

The use/possession of all illegal drugs/drug paraphernalia (including but not limited to spice, synthetic cannabis, bath salts, unauthorized prescription drugs, or any other felony drug) is prohibited.

Possession or use of Medical Marijuana which is prescribed for healing purposes is prohibited at NMJC even though there may be state laws which permit its use in other locations. This prohibition applies to the entire campus, including dorms and student apartments, as well as college-owned vehicles.

A student found in a location where violations of Student Housing alcohol/drug policies are taking place will be considered in violation even though they may not actually be in possession of the prohibited items at the time of the incident.

Security & Public Safety

Vape Pens, e-cigs, etc. are not allowed in student housing. They will be confiscated and turned over to Public Safety with no assurance they can be stored.

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New Mexico Junior College requires students residing in campus housing to provide emergency contact information.

This confidential information will only be used by authorized college personnel in the event a student is reported missing while at the institution.

If a NMJC student living in campus housing is suspected to be missing from campus, students, faculty, and staff are instructed to immediately report this information to the Housing Coordinator.

The Lea County Sheriff's Department must be called if any student is reported as missing after 24 hours of initial report.

Tornado or Severe Weather Alert

If an alert is sounded, residents should leave their room and congregate in the nearest restroom or shower facility for protection.

Go to the lowest dorm or apartment's restroom if possible.

Remember, NMJC Security & Public Safety are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (575) 399-2033.

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