Jim Crow Hugh Cronin

Aunt Jemima was a very popular caricature during this time and still is. The creators depict her by having large red lips, very dark skin, and they make her a very loving mother which people associated with her loving the slave owners babies.

White supremacist groups such as the K.K.K. sat outside the polling places and would intimidate black voters. This intimidation made it so black voters were scared to vote.

At fairs and carnivals there would be plays called minstrel shows. The African American was played by a white person; they would use the stereotypical features of an African American that are very racist.

At this time, African Americans were allowed to vote. However, a lot of the police and government officials did not want this. White supremacist and police officers would stand outside the polling buildings with batons and guard dogs for intimidation.

At town fairs and carnivals were racist games. One of the more popular games involved throwing baseballs at black people. African Americans poke their faces out a window and white people threw the baseballs at their heads.

In most of these states African Americans were paid significantly less than whites. In states like South Carolina, Georgia, and Louisiana the annual salary of African Americans were half of what whites made.

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