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GOOD NEWS: Coast Guard Crews Begin Clean-Up on Laguna Beaches Today!

Representatives from the US Coast Guard's Shoreline Cleanup and Assessment (SCAT) Team, "Hot Shot" Crews, and US Fish and Wildlife surveyed and cleaned all Laguna beaches affected by the oil spill today.

Crews removed the last remnants of oil today (pictured below.) It was found at North Crescent Bay Beach.

As seen in the map below, the oil spill "plume" has now drifted SOUTH of the City of Laguna Beach.

Thank you to our Marine Safety Crews - our eyes and ears out on the sand keeping the community safe and looking for oil this week. We very much appreciate you and the work you do!

All City & County Beaches in the City of Laguna Beach Remain Closed Until Further Notice

The City's number one priority is protecting health and safety of the public.

Future re-opening of the beaches and the ocean will be done in consultation with the US Coast Guard and Orange County Healthcare Agency, along with other partners, with the priority being the health and safety of the community.

The health officer is asking people to refrain from participating in recreational activities near the beach such as swimming, surfing, biking, walking, exercising, or gathering.

Some Fine Grain Particulate Oil Remains on Sand

Initial assessment from the Coast Guard’s SCAT Team of our beaches shows that we have some fine particulate matter remaining on Pearl Beach and Picnic Beach.

This is fine particle "residue" you can’t necessarily see but it’s the kind of stuff that if you were to walk on the beach, you may feel it on your feet.

Laguna Beach Mayor Bob Whalen (right) and Marine Safety Chief Kevin Snow survey fine particulate oil matter on the sand this week.

This type of particulate is already dissipating naturally in nature (evaporating), and will not require mitigation from clean-up crews.

Mayor Whalen Discusses Oil Spill Response on KNX 1070 News Radio

Today, Mayor Whalen gave an update on the Laguna Beach situation and oil spill response on KNX 1070 News Radio. Click the link below to listen; his segment starts around 6:50!

Volunteer for Oil Spill Clean-up Efforts Through Cal Spill Watch!

Public volunteers can now officially register for oil spill clean up efforts through Cal Spill Watch.

This provides an opportunity for concerned citizens to safely and effectively participate in Unified Command approved volunteer tasks during an oil spill event.

Make a Difference & Donate to Critical Organizations

Make a difference now to oil response efforts by supporting and donating to critical organizations like the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, the Surfrider Foundation, and the Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center.

These organizations are going to be dealing with the effects of this oil spill for a long time, and will need the community's support.

We will continue to update the community and provide additional details as they become available.
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