Service Only Team Weekly News

Week 8 Update

Trial Stats

  • Service Work: 89.3% of the work the Trial Team completed was Service Work. 77.5% of their Q work was Q Service and 96.2% of their Classic work was Classic Service. The remaining 10.7% of the Service Teams workload mix would have been made up with Install/ Moving Home.
  • What we do not know, is how much Sky Q Service work went to other Engineers in S02A not part of the Trial. (Over the next week I will look to identify this % to maximise this moving forward.)
  • Completions: Over duration of the Trial, we have seen Completions fall by 0.8 % when compared to pre trial. However last week this seems to have recovered slightly. We have seen similar falls within the Control group S01A.
  • 30 Day Service Revisits: Sky Q Service Revisit are down 1.4% from pre trial, with us seeing a drop of 6% from last weeks data. Over the course of the next few weeks, we should have a better understanding & view of the impacts on this metric.
  • NPS & Super Detractors: This area remains a positive for our customers and Service Team, with NPS still trending 12 point up from pre trial. We are also seeing Super Detractors trending down 0.7% over the duration of the trial.

Small Changes

  • We have 4 Team Managers aligned to support the trial, 1 from each POD. These are Simon Ingrassia for SW Pod, Ben Wisniewski for KT,SM & TW. Ben Cotton Jones for SE and Mick Denny for DA, CR & BR. They will help offer further support on top of the additional your own TM's provide.
  • We will also be adding two additional questions to the Survey from Saturday 6th May. The new questions will enable another work stream to understand Q Related Issue's further.
  1. What was the main driver for this Service Call? Product/ Previous Engineer/ Customer or the Advisor
  2. Was the Service Call needed? Yes/ No
  • Please can I ask that we only record 1 Action Code, not multiple. This should be the action you felt fixed the system. Save any additional actions codes for the Verbatim Section, where you can describe what you did additional to the action recorded.

New Information

  • Channel 4 HD Audio: Please ensure we are feeding back through the Survey on TV Status page any occasions we are seeing this problem.
  • Recording Skipping : This has been a known issue and the updated article suggest it affects the channel listed below more than others.
  • Amplifier Codes: If you need a list of Amplifier codes, you can find these in under Remote Control Section at bottom of page on Ipad. (Related Tools)
  • Sky Q Touch Button Instructions: This is useful for customers that may want to know all the buttons useful features and are in a rush when on your Showcase. You could forward this to them on an email or text message. (Find this in remotes section related PDF)

Additional Solutions

  • MXQ Smart Box: These devices are thought to cause interference with the Q System. Moving these as far from the affected Q Product as possible is advised. Alternately if this cannot be achieved, hard wire a booster out of range and turn WiFi off on affected Q product.
  • OSM Mini Cannot Connect to Server: If you have all the ticks displayed on main box and all option have been exhausted. Please check with RST that subs are active. (Non Payment from customer could cause subs to be deactivated)
  • RF Aerial: If a customer was using RF1 or RF2 to feed another TV within the home. Then please ensure we join that cable together as shown below. This will allow the customer to maintain free-view on any additional TV's as previous with Classic Box. (Note: that this will not display any Sky Broadcast on Terrestrial TV)

Connectivity Tool

  • There appears to be a known issue with the information that the Connectivity Tool is displaying. I would add that our very own Michael Kennedy did notice this last weekend. We thought this was down to the the update, which it most likely is. So for the foreseeable future please only use this tool for a guide and information at present is not to be relied upon. (I will update you all when the system has been corrected)


Firstly great to see over 80% of the Q Service Visits we attended, were accompanied by a Q Survey.

  • Survey Responses: Last week we saw 252 Surveys completed following a Sky Q Service Visit, which as mentioned above was 80%. This is great work and goes along way to understand many of the different areas. So please keep up the great work here.
  • Engineer Driven: 32% of the visits could have been prevented by the previous Engineer. Down 7% on last weeks information.
  • Call Centre: 11% of the visit could have been resolved by the call centre. This is down significantly on previous weeks and by 5% on last week.
  • Q Swap: 23% of the Service calls you visited were resolved by swapping a Q Product. (As previously mentioned please ensure this is the actual fault. Or a customer may have to have another visit to fix system).

Pie Chart below shows which % of Products were replaced.

Below chart show % visits that were hard wired

Below chart show where CAT 5 was used between products.

  • Remember Feedback is vital to the Trial and any future initiative. So please continue to provide this on the below buttons.

Lastly if you have missed anything from previous weeks. You can find previous weeks Newsletters by clicking on the below button. Thanks for everyone's continued support !

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