The Pregnancy Project Olivia Jobe

Summery of the book:

In the book "The Pregnancy Project" by Gaby Rodriguez, Gaby fakes her own pregnancy as her senior project. Many in her childhood home became pregnant at early, teen ages therefore, people expected her to become a teen mom. She chose to do this project to show her school that they don't have to conform to stereotypes. During the project she learns why teen dads bail on teen moms, and how teen moms are treated in society. After she reveals that she wasn't pregnant to her school during her presentation, some people were mad at her for lying. On the other hand, Gaby also ended up impacting the lives of many people. After the presentation, she quickly became the center of a media. She appears on TV, writes her own book, and even a movie made about her story. "The Pregnancy Project" started off slow paced because Gaby had to give background information about herself and her family, but after she becomes "pregnant" the story gets better.


>Gaby Rodriguez

Girl on right is actress who played Gaby in The movie. Girl on the left is real life Gaby.

>Gaby's Mom

Mom on left. Real Gaby on right.

>Jorge (Gaby's Boyfriend)

Boy on left is actor who played Jorge.

>Mr. Myers (no image)


>Gaby's high school

This is Gaby making her speech in the auditorium.

>Gaby's home

In movie, Gaby and her Mom.


Gaby Rodriguez is the daughter, sister, and sister-in-law of teen mothers. Everyone thought that she would follow the same path. It didn't matter that she was in honors classes, getting ready for college, and involved with school activities. As a young girl who's family was a certain way, that’s what people expected of her to be. She also shows the social difficulties associated with teen pregnancy.

Stereotypes of the USA.


The style in The Pregnancy Project is casual because it is a story about her family and everyday life before, during, and after the project. Also she has may flash back or story telling of the past.

Different styles or tones.


The tone in The Pregnancy Project is serious because Gaby is trying to make a point with her story.

3 Memoir Techniques:

Big words- Example: "I mean COME ON who did she really help???" (pg 184)

Quote a Word- Example: He was supposed to "trusted" and "worthy" but he wasn't. (pg 149)

Dialogue- Example: "You're crazy! How are you supposed to know what to bu, then? How would you know how to decorate the room and what clothes to have ready and all that stuff?" (pg 121)

Purpose & Theme:

Gaby Rodriguez's story affected millions of people in the country. Once news got out that she faked her pregnancy to help break stereotypes and build confidence in those who were struggling with it, the news spread like wild fire. She received thousands of letters and messages thanking her and telling her about how she influenced their lives. This book made the public look again at how we judge others. "The Pregnancy Project" is a great read for the sole purpose of learning how to treat others and remembering to believe in yourself no matter what anyone else says.


The Pregnancy Project is a great book about a serious problem in high schools today. Gaby’s story is a great story that begins with her parents and ends with a call to other teens and adults to stop the stereotyping of teen pregnancy and motherhood. In, the book, Gaby reminds us that is you see a teen mother or father, it’s not your job to judge or stereotype them. The Pregnancy Project is not just a good read, but an important one as well.



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