Term 1b - week 4

Another brilliant week! This week ws a little different because we had an artist in school painting the KS2 corridor. Lee has done a brilliant job.

We started the week with some work on our class reader, The Outlaw Varjak Paw. We absolutely love this story!

We interviewed people as part of our newspaper report on The Code of Hammurabi.

We had a think about which types of speech we could use in our articles.

Megan from Northumbria Police came in to speak to us about friendships and relationships. We learned about how to build and maintain a positive relationships.

As part of our computing work, we learned how YouTube stars make money.

We recreated a famous image from The Code of Hammurabi. We discussed who we thought the people were and brought them to life.

Lee started to sketch out ideas on the walls of the corridor before painting them. They look incredible.