Vietnam War By: Peyton Mogavero


People in America changed their beliefs as the Vietnam War continued. In the beginning, many were for the war in a way, as they thought that communism was a serious issue. The war was initially started because of communism and the spread of it. But, as the war went on, the majority of those that were for the war in the beginning, changed their look on it because of the effects the war had. Soldiers were being killed one after another, boys that turned 18 had to go and fight, and people were sick and tired of seeing so many die and suffer because of an issue that seemed to matter so little. As the war continued on, people were trying to fight and argue that the spread of communism was not worth all of the pain they were feeling. There were continuous protests from the time the war started until it finally came to an end. All over America, people were standing up for those who were fighting and those who were unable to. No matter what religion, race, or type of occupation one had, everyone came together as one. Those fighting for what they believed in were over the long and tiring war. People in America came together to stand up for their side as they all understood one another.


The Helicopter was found to be extremely successful during the war as it provided quick transport and eased patrol. The Americans used the Helicopter very strategically while also complying with enemy lines and boundaries that were set. The Americans also focused on working with the Army of the Republic of Vietnam because it gave them an easy advantage when looking for and destroying enemy bases. The Americans focused on what they needed to do and how they needed to do it to prevent error. They were also aids to other troops, helping answer questions and guide them on the right path. However, the Americans ran into issues. The Vietnamese had underground tunnel systems that helped them escape danger and travel without having to worry about their enemies finding them. They also had shelter and hospitals within the tunnels to help the injured. The entrances to the tunnels were hidden very well though the battle ground. Each side had their tactics that gave them their strengths and weaknesses.


The Homefront during the Vietnam War was very chaotic. Families, like in any war, were very fearful that they would find a great amount of pain and suffering. In the beginning, people were all for the war as they thought that it was preventing a serious issue, when it was really just bringing another one on. So many lives were lost and people became furious with the recurring feeling of pain. So, together, people joined forces and started protesting to get their point across. The Homefront was anything but calm and peaceful. However, many strayed away from violence as that is what they were fighting to stay away from. So, they found other ways. Marches and protests made their way to the streets of America. People felt constant worry that something terrible would happen. Everywhere, people were waiting for their loved ones to com home, or something to tell them they were okay. The American Homefront was deeply affected by the Vietnam War, and everyone was just waiting for it to end. No one wanted it to continue. The American Homefront consisted of pain, suffering, and constant worry.


The Vietnam War had a major influence on music. Many artists write their music based off current events or what is happening around them. Yes, the majority of music written today revolves around love, or drugs and alcohol, but during the time of the war, there was so much passion and emotion. Artists took that and created several pieces of art. One of the most popular songs written about the Vietnam War is Edwin Starr's "War". He expresses how he felt about the war and what was going on. He shares that war is pointless and it doesn't do anything but dig a deeper hole. Starr expresses that bringing people pain does not better the situation. He expressed this, not in a protest or march, but through something everyone could take a part in. Everyone loves to listen to music, and his song created a message that was so incredibly important to the people of America. Some other songs written about the Vietnam War are, "Born in the U.S.A." (Bruce Springsteen), "Orange Crush" (R.E.M.), "Last Train to Clarksville" (The Monkees), "Charlie Don't Surf" (The Clash), and "We Gotta Get Out of This Place" (The Animals).


Propaganda for the Vietnam War was very emotional and made people think about what was happening. In the beginning, there were posters promoting the divisions of the military. They included pictures of strong men, or poster boys in a way, making men want to join and protect their country. However, this propaganda proved to be very misleading as people were learning that war isn't pretty, it isn't wonderful, it is terrifying and dangerous. So, people in America decided to take matters into their own hands and create a little bit of propaganda. Only theirs was against the war. They used "patriotic" colors to capture attention. They sent messages to people, warning them of the dangers of the war, telling them not to enlist or find themselves included in the war in any way. Propaganda, much like people's opinions and thoughts, drastically changed during the Vietnam War.


Protests started very early on in the Vietnam War and continued on until the war came to its' end. In the very beginning, the majority was all for the war and what it was going to do. But, after the death toll from the war started to uncontrollably climb, those for the war, suddenly found themselves on the other side. From there, protests and marches started. People wanted to get their point out in a non-violent and peaceful way. They wanted to show how they were hurting from the terrible outcomes the war carried, and they wanted to make a change. Those protesting wanted to get their point across and express how terrible the war was. Through their actions, they continuously got more people to join them and fight for what they believe in. One person alone can not always make a change, but most of America definitely can, and they did. Protesters from all over joined one another to stand for and find their country's success.


The Vietnam War was one of the most publicized wars in history. People were able to watch it on their televisions, journalists and new reporters were in Vietnam getting coverage, the whole war was broadcasted to the world. People watched the violence continue for so long. They were able to see what was exactly happening out there through sound and video. But they were safe in their homes and the soldiers were not. Many found that the media made things worse. The news reporters and journalists were filming the gruesome horror happening overseas but none of them seemed phased by it. People became upset with it but still, they could not stop watching. It was important to know what was happening during the war, and the media made sure the people really got what they wanted.


The Vietnam War shaped economy for America in that time. Because of what was required for war, production capacities were effected, eventually causing imbalances within America's industrial sector. Also, factories were used to produce military products instead of making what they were supposed to. The led to economic policy and government control controversy. People found that the government's military spending was too high for the shape the economy was in, and what it would soon become. Payments were effected since the funds were traveling overseas. Error was found as fund return to the country was not happening. During the war, interest rates rose effecting the businesses and consumers of America. Even though there was great success, the war eventually led to economic crisis.

Government/Foreign Policy

During the Vietnam War, Eisenhower played his part in placing advisors and CIA operatives over on enemy lines, while Kennedy sent the American soldiers who volunteered, and those who were drafted overseas. The foreign policy stated that as long as South Vietnam was able to defend themselves, the war could continue to go on. In the end, billions of dollars were lost due to damage and production. People in America also believed the government was lying to them about what was happening in Vietnam. However, aside from protests, the people didn't always try to get answers. The government and foreign policy during the Vietnam War was found to be very controversial at times due to speculation and concern.

the draft

The Draft was one of the biggest issues people faced within the Vietnam War. Since the needs of the military could not bet met, voluntarily, The Draft began. Once a man reached the age of 18, he had to, without choice, register for The Draft. Then, if he was chosen, he could all of a sudden be shipped out to fight overseas. The government felt like there was no choice and needed a stronger and more developed military if they wanted to win the war. But, people were upset that they didn't have a choice. At 18, suddenly, someone's brother, son, cousin, could be sent out and never seen again. People were devastated that this was actually happening to them. But, since the needs of the government and military could not be voluntarily met, they felt the need to create The Draft to strengthen their armed forces.

Family Roles

During the Vietnam War, women helped out as much as they could. They cooked, cleaned, took care of the kids, and helped keep everything in tact while the men were off fighting in the war. The children would go to school and then help out when they had time. Everyone came together and shared the responsibility to keep proper function. Families had to adjust to the sudden changes they were constantly facing. Women also helped in Vet Hospitals, taking care of those who were injured while fighting. Everyone was there for each other because they were all hurting. But, as the war went on, people got used to doing their jobs and taking care of their responsibilities.

Re-Integration into society

When soldiers came back from the Vietnam War, adjusting to society was very difficult. They had been away for so long, so it was hard to come back to the normal life. Because of what they witnessed, a sound could send them into a state of shock and panic. Many suffered from PTSD, a disorder that can affect someone for many years, if not their whole life. PTSD is serious and can be very detrimental to one's life. If someone has PTSD, they could act like a different person. It is something that can cause depression and other mental illnesses that can take control of someone's life. The Vietnam War was so violent that coming back to America was a struggle. It was so different than what they were used to, and it took them very long time to adjust and find their way again.


Communism was the main reason why the Vietnam War happened. Vietnam wanted to spread communism and America wanted to prevent that from happening. The spread of communism could lead to detrimental effects and sever violence throughout the world. A democracy has been known to bring peace as those over 18 have their say in what happens. Each person gets their choice on the president/leader and other representatives. The people get to choose who runs their country. In communism, there is one person ruling, and everything is decided equally among people. Communism has proved to be violent and destructive to those under the rule. Many countries still run under communism rather than other forms of government. (democracy, dictatorship, monarchy, etc.). The war between America and Vietnam started because people were not in an agreement on the type of government.

race equality

The Vietnam War happened during the same time as the Civil Rights Movement. There were black soldiers embracing black power as it was America's first racially integrated conflict. People were protesting both the war and Civil Rights. Most of the blacks were not allowed on the draft board. Though some may find that as a good thing, people looked at it like discrimination. They found it offensive and unfair. The Vietnam War pushed racial equality far from a solution as most blacks were not aloud to fight. From this, the Civil Rights Movement was affected as they were given another reason to fight for equality in America. The Vietnam War was not beneficial in any way towards racial equality or the Civil Rights Movement.


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