4.5.17 SEL Make your attitude one of gratitude

We take a break from regularly scheduled programming to bring you a video recommended by Principal Jimenez:

(it doesn't matter that this video is dated - the principles apply)

With sentences, respond to the video in your homeroom notebook.

Optional four minute timer:

For discussion...

What do you think about the very short video & tweet above it, in this link:

What was the purpose of that tweet & video? Does it remind you of anything in your life?


You can elect to use either the gratitude letter from Mon., the writing from Tues., or TODAY's writing (reaction to the STRIVE video) and SHOW CALL your work on the classroom document camera.

Possible dialogue about everyone's writing:

  1. What are things you LIKE about the writing?
  2. What are things that could be done differently next time?
  3. Any ah-ha's?
All done for today!
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Heather Green


Created with images by PublicDomainPictures - "sunrise sky blue" • Hans Engel - "end."

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