Timeless: Lost in History By Kelly Jiang


Have you ever wanted a fun and educational game to learn about history? Tired of having to force endless mounds of boring text into your brain and praying for some source of procrastination? Now you can! Not only does this game contain hours of fun and addiction but it also teaches vital historical events that can be experienced through the screen rather than read through slabs of textbooks.

Game Genre:

Adventure and Education

Target Audience:

12 - 17 years (teenagers and young adults) with an interest in history and adventuring through the different time periods.


You wake up in a strange forest with no memories of your past. All you have is a peculiar looking capsule that allows you to time travel through the different eras in history. You must recollect your memories and return to the present year that you came from. In order to achieve this goal, you must go on adventures and collect gemstones in order to activate different levels and time periods.
Backstory: A scientist's son has passed away from cancer at the same time his wife and daughter died in a fatal car crash. Desperate to reunite with his family one more time he attempts to create a time machine but fails. Instead he opens up a major time vortex and is swept in to the past. He wakes up with no memories of his life and travels through the different time periods trying to return to the present, and finds him remembering his past life. He is unable to prevent the death of his family. He learns that cannot change the past, but he can choose how he pave the future. He learns that he shouldn't to forget the past, but he should help those memories live on in his heart.

Key Characters:

You (the time traveller), Hitler, Queen Victoria, Marie Antoinette, King Louis, Richard the Lion heart, Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, Joan of Arc, Greek Philosophers and various other historical characters.


Character movements: The character can jump, climb ropes, ladders or vines, run, swim, walk, duck down, crawl, talk to computer characters, pick up objects and use object.
Boundaries: The character cannot walk through walls. They may walk off cliffs but they may take fall damage or die from the fall. They will take no damage if they fall into water. The character may walk into fire but they will burn to death unless they come in contact with water.
Extras and Options: If a character is stuck there is a respawn button. A characters health bar can increase if they are wearing armor. A characters health bar can also increase when they level up as well as their combat power. In the menu there is an option where you can have hints if you are having trouble playing the game. You can change the gender of your character at the beginning and any point in the game.
Gems and Symbols: Green gems increase health. White gems increase XP. Purple gems unlock new time eras and levels. Yellow coins are money that can be used to purchase armor or items of clothing for your character. Blue glowing orbs signify respawn points. Red glowing orbs signify a task for the player.

The game can be played on the Xbox, PS4 or Wii. The game is a RPG (role-playing game).


The character travels to different civilizations and time periods such as Ancient China, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and The Dark Ages in Europe, The French Revolution, The Reign of Hitler, The Crusades, The Vietnam War, and The American Revolution, The Renaissance etc.

The different places marked in red on this map are: the Notre Dame (France), the Roman Colosseum (Italy), The Hanging Gardens of Babylon (Iraq), The Pyramids of Giza (Egypt), The Great Wall of China (China), The Temple of Zeus (Greece), Uluru (Australia), Stonehenge (England), Mount Vesuvius (Italy), Statue of Liberty (America), Sagrada Familia (Spain), Taj Mahal (India), Nazca Lines (Peru), Christ the Redeemer (Brazil) and Hiroshima (Japan).


The objects and visuals in the game will be in 3D

'The Last Guardian' (left) & 'Shadow of The Colossus' (right)


The mood of the game will depend on the situation in which the character is. If they are in danger, the mood will appear alert and serious. If they are travelling casually through the streets or marketplace in daylight then the mood will be light and airy.

'Fragile Dreams - Fairwell Ruins of the Moon' (left and centre) & 'Tales of Graces f' (right)


There will not be a soundtrack for this game, only ambient sounds.

Depending on the situation, the soundscape will be different, as it needs to collaborate with the mood. In a forest there might the rustling of leaves and bird and other animal calls as well as a light ambient sound. If the character is in an old castle in the middle of the night the music will be dark and eerie, as if someone was watching you from the shadows.
My game will be profitable as it contains all the basis of a successful game. It is not only educational but also fun and enjoyable. You want to know the background story of your amnesiac character and the only way to do that is to complete the game. You can buy items for your characters and there are various secret hidden tasks throughout the game, which makes the gameplay more exciting because you will never know what secrets you, might find and unlock.
Because the game is associated with learning history, websites like history.com may help me promote it as it would also bring viewers to their website.


Created with images by Couleur - "watches old antique" • nycbone - "Witch Haze Tree" • Bessi - "above adventure aerial" • Jorge Lascar - "The Monastery - Ad Deir" • chornamariya - "Forest" • werner22brigitte - "flying seagull bird" • Foundry - "statue monument black" • holdosi - "girl at night running" • skeeze - "great wall of china landscape towers" • Edgardo W. Olivera - "Catedral de Notre Dame" • p_a_h - "Egyptian hieroglyphics" • NadineDoerle - "egypt desert egyptian temple" • rkarkowski - "moon the fullness of sky" • tpsdave - "mount fuji japan landscape" • monikawl999 - "pisa leaning tower italy"

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