Ashlee Galloway: My Story WiFe, mom, active duty air Force, busy...determined.

First thing I want you to know is I am just like you.

I worry and stress about everything. I'm most definitely not a morning person; would rather lay in bed all morning to tell you the truth... I've never done sales before in my life and my passion is helping people and showing that I care.

You probably can relate to that... as women we were designed to nurture and care about the things around us.

Plans can change quickly and they definitely did for us!!

We found out we had a 3rd child on the way and at the same time I separated from the Air Force. I knew there had to be a way I could stay home with my babies. I didn't want to search for another job I would hate and still not see my kids. That was one thing I hated in the first place...I rarely saw them, and I would get home in time for dinner and bed. I didn't want the kids to grow up missing their mommy.

I felt like everything was going to crash down around us....until one day I got a follow on Instagram that changed my life forever. It was my solution; That sign that God had been trying to show me that I tried to ignore I finally took that leap of faith.

I became a rep for ItWorks! Global...and from that moment forward I knew that I found what would change our lives. What would change our lives, and the lives of the people around me!!! God gave me this avenue to show people they are worth more, and I had to tell them about it!!!

I was right. It didn't matter how nervous I was, how much free time I had, if I knew many people or not...I fell in love with the business. Fell in love with the confidence it gave me and how I could pass that on to my children.

In 15 short months I had matched my previous career paycheck and earned $22,000 in bonuses!! I didn't have to worry anymore about where money would come from or if I would have to take my children to a daycare...because we had it, and I was there; I was making this income from home!

I still can't believe this has all happened! My biggest regret out of all of this, is that I didn't start sooner. And I will share this everyday to anybody that I can, so that they know this is here for them too.

And not only that, I will let them know that I'm here for them... Because after all, I'm not here to change just my life...I'm here to change the lives that are around me, and that brings me the greatest joy of all.

I've accomplished this...and it's my turn to show everyone else how.

Want to learn how you can be a stay at home mom too?! Text me! 210-709-6645

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