A day in the life of Michaela Mathews Jakeya Smith, The Noble Academy

In the Arts and Entertainment room, junior Michaela Mathews works on a play review for her first class. The class, as well as Mathews went to see a play called persuasion during their class session on July 16. "What I liked about the play "Persuasion" was that it had a good meaning behind it," Mathews said.
Confused on the paper, Michaela Mathews asks Amaris Castro to see if her review on the play looked good or not. During the class, Mathews was rereading her own review making edits. "I really liked the play, but it was kinda confusing to understand." stated Mathews.
Michaela Mathews, gets interviewed by the rising senior Jacob de Waard about her play review. Before de Waard came over, Mathews was correcting her punctuation. "At first, I was confused on some of the questions asked." Michaela says confused.
Talking to Ms.Mills, Michaela asks if her instructor can critique her review and give her tips on how to make it better. Mathews was questioning her review, but then made the decision to ask a question. "I don't know how to feel about my review, what should I change?" asked Michaela.
Correcting her review, Michaela Mathews scrolls through and reread her play over and over to make sure it's A-Okay. Mathews tells me about the play and about her favorite character Anne. "I like Anne because she really gets in depth with her acting," Mathews said. "That really stood out to me."
After a long day of class, Michaela Mathews and Amaris Castro decides to go to Jimmy Johns and Chipotle for lunch. The idea was to go to a place interesting to help them with their review, but they were tired and hungry and decided to get lunch then nap. "We should go take a rest because we still have to look for some place interesting." Michaela states.

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