Gene Therapy to Prevent Blindness By: Maria Pham & Mark Solomita

Gene therapy can be used to prevent blindness and can work better with further research. First off, gene therapy is when normal genes are transplanted to replace bad genes to fix problems with a living organism. Gene therapy to prevent blindness has been researched by scientists and researchers in China. To prevent blindness, the patient's own working cells would replace the cells and tissue that have been damaged. This type of treatment can be delivered in an eye drop. It has been tested on rats, and shows that the complex eye drop moves from the surface to the inner rear lining of the eye. It remained there for more than eight hours which is enough time for the gene to be expressed.

In steps 3 and 4, it shows how gene therapy is used to help prevent blindness

In some of the early stages of gene therapy to prevent blindness, the treatment could be given to people with perfect vision. The researchers hoped that by giving the treatment at an early stage, they hoped to save more light-sensing retina cells. The treatment also held some risk to the patient because it involved having to detach the delicate retina. So far, some participants have said that they are now able to see more light, read more letters, are are able to see stars at night.

Things participants were able to see after treatment

If gene therapy could prevent blindness, there would be a big impact on society. Treatment, and the diseases that cause blindness will help many people with their eyesight. People who have a blindness disease in the future, might not have to worry about their kids being blind with a disease. Further and deeper research might also prevent anyone from ever going blind of a specific disease. That's why this could have a big impact on society and save many people from going blind.

If gene therapy to prevent blindness was widespread, more researchers might start researching and promote this topic. Since there is always need for better treatment to fight diseases, having more people on the case might mean that there would be a cure in the future. There could also be a new way that 100% will not harm the delicate retina in our eyes. These things could happen if

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