Who am I? Your New English Teacher

If you search for


By Googling

You will probably find this!

이런 뉴스 이미지

김현중 여친 폭행, 김현중 입대, 김현중 어쩌다가...., 김현중 폭망...

드뎌 제대
믿긴 뭘 믿어!
뭔가 착잡한....
역시 대만은 날 버리지 않았어!
대만 최고 배우

그래서 쌤도 대만을 다녀왔습니다.

하지만 아마도 못 알아 본다는...
자기들 사진찍느라 바쁘다는...


I am a different guy from "김현중"

If you search for "김현중" through NAVER,

You also find the same information like....

김현중 여친 폭행, 김현중 입대, 김현중 은퇴..은퇴는 뭐여~

Don't worry! I don't hit girls!

걱정마! 안 때려!

O.K! Then,

You will Probably think I am just an ordinary man!

Comparing with the handsome 김현중

You would definitely know this drama~

나는 이런 옷 못 입는다... 도로 청소한다.
현실에 이런 캐릭터 없음...
빼박캔트 시츄에이션
Once upon a time, there was a tiger who used to smoke~
And a rabbit ignited the cigarette for a tiger
The time when these boy groups were the best

이런 가수들 막 잘 나갈 때

2000년대 초반

난 니가 참 좋아~ 막 이럴 때

어떤 프로그램이 있었지!
이런 프로그램이 있었지!
I have a question for you!
Think about!

one common thing among these people!


최자 여친 설리


보이프렌드 민우

All these celebrities are...
So cute~~

11 years ago, all of them were kid actors and actresses in the drama which I wrote!

도깨비가 있다!

Anyway Jihoo seonbae title was a hypocrisy!

Don't be sad, although I am not that hansome!

English Teacher

I will lead you to far far away to where people speak in English!

Me and My Family!

Let's study English?

No No No No

Then, Shall We Enjoy English with me?

Yes Yes Yes!!!

Then Open Your Textbook!

Right now!


Created with images by Scott McLeod - "Question Mark Cookies 3" • Stefan Baudy - "Question!"

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