My story Just in case you were wondering...

I'm a graduate journalism student at Boston University. I grew up across the world in Pune, India. Currently, I'm in my last year of graduate school and I will be interning at Boston Magazine during the summer.

I hope to do investigative reporting further along in my career, but right now I'm learning everything about journalism that I possibly can, and focusing on writing.

In India, I lived with my mom and my dog, Grignard, who I named after my favorite chemical reagent's namesake. If you're wondering why, I have a degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Pune. I always wanted to write, so I subtly altered my direction from engineering to journalism and decided to come to BU.

That's him. He's pretty and dumb.

Since I started graduate school, I've been reporting on local and national politics, as I was lucky enough to start my degree during the height of the 2016 elections. I also cover arts and entertainment occasionally, since as students we have the luxury to cover anything we want. I've also been covering protests in Boston, starting with the Women's March.

Photos from protests in Boston.

I'm learning data reporting because I love combining my interest in maths with journalism. I'll be working as a Student Data Coach this summer at BU's Storytelling with Data workshop. I'm also improving my audio and visual reporting skills to try and telling stories through the different perspectives that every medium offers.

Learning photography.

Besides journalism, I don't really do much else with my time, which is how I like it.

I'm also a huge Harry Potter fan, which is totally irrelevant to my professional interests and background, but it's important to me that it's public information. So now that you know much more about me than you intended to, I will sign off.

Yes, that's Hogwarts.

Thank you for taking the time to read through all of this.

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Eesha Pendharkar

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