Intro to Digital Photography P1-16 Confused but still trying

I take all kinds if pictures whenever the opportunity is given to me. I am particularly drawn towards nature and landscape, but indoor and city photos are in my list of talents as well. I can shoot anything and i will climb a tree to get the perfect shot, or-ive actually done this- climb on top my moms car to get it. I dont always go out and search for the picture that i need, i go to places that i like and i find opportunities for good photography. The picture comes to me- more often than not-out of nowhere. When editing pictures, i do a lot of experimenting, but i expect most people do. I don't completely understand the workings of the editing software i have, and i don't think i ever will, but thats ok. Experimenting with the lighting, colors and contrast, its all what makes my photos so interesting in my eyes. I don't share my photography online much other than the occasional contest or on social media for family to see. When entering contests, I enter anonymously, and when on social media, my accounts are normally private, only for family.

Photography is important as it tells a story in a way words never could. You see everything it could tell- weather its the actually story or not. You can capture the world at its best and its worst and show how they are not all that different.

First semester final project

before editing

In the first photo, I raised the contrast a lot, as well as the exposure, whites and clarity a little bit. Shadows, blacks, highlights and saturation i lowered a bit. In the second pic, I lowered the temperature and shadow, and raised exposure, contrast and clarity.

We had a Christmas parade in my town and i took a few shots. This was the people carrying the flags at the beginning. f/4 1/90 ISO 1600

This photo i took, seeing the nice lighting from inside the car, i figured it would look cool, and it did! f/5.6 1/60 ISO 1600

The color guard from my school were dressed up and performing amazingly!! This one is my personal favorite. f/3.5 1/60 ISO 1600

This is one of the later floats decorated wonderfully with lights. I found this shot really great. f/3.5 1/60 ISO 1600

In the 3rd pic, whites and contrast were raised considerably as well as clarity, and I upped exposure slightly. I also lowered highlights, shadows and blacks. In the last picture, contrast and clarity were raised the most, then whites and highlights were up, and shadows and blacks were lowered.

Story Photos

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning the room.

When taking these pictures, I realized just how good of picuters my moms camera takes. That showed me not to judge a camera based on its size. They turned out really well, with minimal editing! I also learned how hard it is to tell a story when nothing happens in your life.

I wanted to tell a story about my bedroom, cleaning it, i guess. It was a total mess and i had to get it done. I stood in the doorway and took a picture of the mess called my floor before starting to pic it up. the second one was when i was putting away the laundry and it started to look better. My sister didn't want to be in the shot. The last one was me standing in the middle of my now clean room, snapping a shot of my newly made bed before i went to sleep.

Like i said, minimal editing, so I didn't really edit. i was gonna crop one of them, but looking back at it i think it looks fine.

I didn't focus on composition styles. Really, I just looked at it and said "what would make my room look most messy now?" and took that shot.

This project was to make a story and tell it in photos, and at the start that was really hard for me. Its hard to find a story when you can't leave the house. I still can't drive and theres not really much within walking distance of my house, so I had to make a compromise. I had to clean my room, and this was kinda motivation to do it, i suppose. The project was supposed to be an interesting event but i didn't really have the ability to make it so.

these are my two best photos that i took during winter break. I had so much fun editing these and i loved taking them as well. in the bus transit photo, i found it was really interesting with the reflection in the window from inside the bus. and the clouds looked amazing on the pathway in the second. it was a lot of fun.
a little story about a cat named Katty
Wheres Waldo with a kat!!
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