Vietnam a tropical surprise

We visited Danang and Hoi An while in Vietnam. The landscape and culture provided endless photo opportunities!

We got to see locals clamming in the shallow waters and workers in the vibrant rice fields.

With this driving came a chance to see the craziness of local roadways.

We came across interesting structures like this dragon bridge.

Of course, dragons were everywhere if you looked.

The locals don't seem to pay much notice as they visit the markets.

Though I'm not sure what thoughts are flying around here.

Temples and cool statuary are everywhere in the villages and towns.

A walk through Hoi An brought us to a shop known for their silkworms and beautiful hand embroidered artworks that look like photos made from the silk.

Hoi An is a mix of old and new. There's beautiful architecture, colorful streetscapes, and the water nearby.

We took a short boat ride to a pottery village on the water. Kenn got selected to pilot our boat for a few minutes.

The pottery village specialized in all sorts of pottery made from local mud and distributed and sold throughout the area.

This guy watched over pottery drying in the sun. Or did I disturb his own nap in the sun by taking his picture?

We travelled quite a bit, but never on a scooter, which was obviously the only way to ride. Take the whole family!

Vietnam surprised us. It was beautiful and tropical. We loved our visit!

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