6th Sunday After Pentecost July 12th, 2020

These are the lessons of the Sixth Sunday after Pentecost. Our readings in Genesis continue to unfold the story of the family of Abraham. Specifically, we see the division that arises between the sons of Isaac, Jacob and Esau. The Psalm speaks of the assured heritage that belongs to those who hold fast to God's decrees and are guided by His Word. The distinctions between the earthly and eternal blessings of Esau and Jacob are magnified in the epistle revealing death for those in the flesh, and life for those in Christ Jesus. Further distinctions and exhortations are given as Christ speaks to us in Matthew's gospel account of the parable of the sower. May God bless you in this reading of His Word.

A Reading from the Old TEstament

A Reading from the Psalms

A Reading from the Epistles

A Reading from the Gospel

A Prayer

Holy Lord, to fulfill the ancient promise of salvation, you made a covenant with our ancestors and pledged them descendants more numerous than the stars. Through wondrous acts of providence you have ensured that the blessings of that covenant were accomplished through the death and resurrection of your Son and sealed by the gift of your Holy Spirit. In Jesus Christ you freed us from sin and death, and by your Holy Spirit you nourish our bodies with life. Plant us now in good soil, that our lives may grow in righteousness and peace. Amen.

A Spiritual Song