Bow Hunting It's a brotherhood


According to the Webster New World thesaurus a community is a village, colony, hamlet; town or it could mean the public, the people, or the nation. Community to me is so much more than that. To me a community can be a club, group, sport community, or being on the fire department.

One community that I have always felt apart of was the bow hunting community. I have always felt right at home being in this group of people. They have taught me so much in life and helped me out when I was going through high school. The thing that they have thought me the most about is shooting a bow. The whole time I have been in this club they have always focused on shooting form, the game rules, and how to plan a hunt. Because when I was little I thought that you could just go pick up a bow and you would be fine but there is much more to it than that.

Shooting Form

Having the same form for every shoot is an important issue when it comes to shooting a bow. Like the video said if you do one little thing different to your shooting form it will mess up your whole shot. In bow hunting if you miss by an inch it is like missing my a mile. when my cousin and I started shooting bows together we thought that our forms both had to be the same. So we tried to copy each other but in reality our forms could not be more different. the picture below shows that my cousin has more of an open stance and he closes his hand because he feels like it helps him keep the bow under control. He also uses his check as an anchor point for the bow string. Where as I have more of a straight forward stand and I like to leave me more open on the handle of the bow. I let the handle set in the back of my hand. which is more comfortable to me. I also like to use the edge of my lip as anchor point were as he uses his cheek. Once you get your form down you need to learn the rules and regulations for the specific animal you are wanting to go after.

In the photo above Mr. Hill is drawing back a bow to show what form is comfortable for him

Rules of hunting

They always said that it is not easy to distinguish between what is lawful and unlawful hunting. There is a set of written rules known as the game laws. These laws are set forth that way hunters take proper techniques and tactics when it comes to hunting. The rules are also in place that way hunters do not take too many deer in one year. So that the deer population does not go extinct. That is why deer hunting is only a certain time of the year and not all year around. Archery season in Ohio normally ranges from the end of September to the beginning of February. It is set in this time of the year because does are having fawns in the early part of the summer. So it is possible for the deer population to be able to make a come back after the following season.

A few of the rules that have been put in place are no hunting at dark. The legal hunting hours are thirty minutes after sun rise and thirty minute before sunset. If you shoot a deer anytime other than in legal hunting time it is considered an act of poaching. You are only allowed a certain bag limit of deer each year. In the state of Ohio you are allowed one buck and two does each year. If you harvest a deer in Ohio you have to have your deer tagged in by 11 pm the day it was killed, unless you did not recover it that day and have to go back to look the next day. Each state also has a regulation to the type of weapons that are legal to use through the year. In some states you can use Compound bow or a cross bow in the bow season. However, crossbows are not legal in all states. There are many other rules and regulation for hunting the best way to keep up to date on them is by getting a regulation book every year and reading it. Because these rules are not set in stone and they have been know to change year to year. once you know the rules and regulations you can start to form a game plan for that years hunt.

Coming up with a game plan

When coming up with a game plan to go hunting first you need to find an area where the deer are running and do not seem to be stressed over humans. When you are looking for an area to hunt in you want to keep an eye out for scrapes and rubs on trees. If you can find an area with a lot of scrapes and rubs, that means the deer are using the area has a crossing from a bedding to feeding area. Some people like to use trail cameras to capture pictures of the deer in the area that they are hunting. It is a good way to get an idea of what you might come across in the season but it is not always a for sure thing. some deer just might be passing through.

Here are a few pictures taken this year in an area that a a big nine point has been running around.
Here are a Pictures that I have gotten over the last few years.

Some of the strategies that they always went over was how are you going to hunt? From the group, a tree stands, or are you going to drive deer. That is a very important question to ask yourself before you go out and hunt. Because not all areas are good for hunting on the ground and some are bad for hunting out of a tree stand. Hunting from the ground is pretty self-explanatory. You go out and try to find a big tree or a pile of brush to get up against so it is more difficult for the deer to see you. Most hunters now a day, more tend to go with hunting out of a tree stand. Whether it be a climber or a stationary stand like a ladder stand.

This photo is used to help the reader understand what it will look like when you are hunting from the ground. You can't see very far and it is harder to pick out shooting lanes.

Hunting From Above

Both of these photos were taken out of the same tree stand. As you can tell you have a better view in the woods and it is easier to pick out shooting lanes. This is my favorite method to use when bow Hunting.

However, hunting from a tree stand holds it’s own set of challenges and responsibilities on the hunter. If a hunter is going to hunt from a tree stand then they should take to responsibility to practice shooting their bow out of them before attempting to shoot at a deer. Because shooting from a tree stand means you have to shoot from different angles, were as when most archers practice they are on a parrel plane with the target and not above it. Then you have stand placement because you cannot go out in the woods and put your stand in the first tree you see. You have to find out with way deer are traveling through that area. That way you can place your stand in a tree that gives you the hunter the best shot possible. This brings me to the topic on driving deer.

Driving Deer

Driving deer is best done on a piece of land that the hunters know very well. That way they know where they are able to shoot and which direction the drivers are coming from. Driving deer is when you have a large group of people and the group of people want to walk through a grown up field or a patch of woods to get the deer up in moving. In driving you have standers or watchers and drivers. The standers are the set of people who go and wait for the drivers to get over to them and waiting on the deer that are being pushed toward them. The drivers are the group of people who get to walk thought the woods that they are wanting to drive out. Even though you are more likely to see more deer this way there are 3 faults in this type of hunting.

The first and greatest fault in driving is that the deer while sometimes catch wind of the standers so the deer will try and circle around the drivers. Or the deer will not get jumped up because they are laying there watching the drivers walk right by them before they move to run away. The second this is that the standers go into the area they are standing in to noisily. Which will cause the deer to jump up and run away before they are able to do the drive. The third thing is that people try to either make a drive too big or small. If they are trying to make a drive to big then they are giving the deer more of an opportunity for them to get away from you. The ideal length for a drive would range anywhere from one-third to a half a mile depending on the area you are driving out. These method of hunting my have it's disadvantage but it is the best method to get deer up.


In conclusion there are many different things that you have to master before you should go hunting. One of the most important things that you need to do is figure out a shooting form that is comfortable to you. Then you should practice that form so it becomes a systematic reaction to you. Like the video said if you do one little thing different you will mess up your whole shot. once you get your shooting down you need to become familiar with the laws and regulations for your state. The best way to do this is to read the regulation book every year after getting your license. lastly you should scout areas that you are wanting to go hunting in by either using trail cameras or going out and watching the deer yourself. Then you need to decide whether you are going to hurt from the ground, tree stand, or drive deer. If you do all of these things then you will have a successful hunt every year.

This is a photo of my dad and I with my first deer killed with a bow

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Reflection Piece

While I was working on writing this essay, I found it fun but challenging at the same time. I really enjoyed writing this essay because it was on a topic that I have been a big part of my life for the last ten year and I have been around bow hunting my whole life. The one thing that I found challenging about this essay was finding sources on my topic. Most of the information that I found for my essay came out of 2 books I got from the library and the 2016 hunting regulation website. One thing that I tried to set most of my focus toward for this essay is making sure I included enough information from both my books and my knowledge that I have received over the many years of being involved in this sport. I used the video to help people understand the proper steps to shooting a bow because I thought it would easier to explain that way. Everyone does something different when it comes to shooting a bow. Just how everyone has a different baseball swing or shoots a basketball different, it is something that has to be comfortable to the shooter. I tried to type this paper so that a person who has never went hunting before could read it and have a general idea on the proper techniques to go out and get start in the sport.

Photo Essay

I picked these photos for my essay because they are all photos that I have taken over my life time of hunting. They range from either me going out scouting deer to actually getting deer with my dad the first year I ever went hunting. The bow that are in all the photos belongs to me, I got it in 2013 as a Christmas gift from my dad. Which the bow itself means a lot to me because it was one of the last gifts that I received from my dad before he passed away. Which was a big deal to me because I have always went hunting with my family. In my family hunting is more than just a sport it is a family tradition that my dad passed down onto my cousin and I. Hopefully one day we can pass it down to our children.

Annotated Bibliography

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“Knight &Amp; Hale.” Field Notes - 20 Tips To Make You A Better Deer Hunter, Knight and Hale, This website is published by Knight and Hale game calls it goes over 20 tips to help make you a better hunter. The first and one of the most important tip that the website gives is that human odor spooks deer. So, before you go hunting you want to take a shower in a scent free shampoo. that way it gets the human odor off of your body. Other good tips that would help you become a better bow hunter would be to use a safety harness when you are using a tree stand. By using a harness you would cut down on injuries and you risk of falling out of the tree stand you are hunting from.

Laird, Charlton, and William Lutz. Webster's New World Thesaurus. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1985. Print. I used this source to find the everyday meaning of the world community. The definition for community is a village, colony, hamlet; see city, town or it could mean the public, the people, or the nation. Community to me is so much more than that.

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OfficialBearArchery. “Shooting Tips.” YouTube, YouTube, 9 July 2012, One big thing that many hunters should do when they are practice to get ready for the season is to shot their bow from the same position they are hunting from. So if you are sitting in a stand or in a ground blind then you should practice shot your bow from a sitting down position. Another big thing that could help hunters is to not just throw their bow down or store it away at the end of the season. They should still practice after the season is over. Even if that means shooting 5 or 10 arrows a day or very other day. That way you keep your muscle loose because shooting a bow is not a natural motion.

Schuyler, Keith C. Bow Hunting for Big Game. Harrisburg, PA: Stackpole, 1977. Print. Chapter 6: The White-Tailed Deer was filled with a lot of useful information for both my essay and common knowledge. In the beginning of the chapter it many went over the parts of deer and how most people say deer have horns when they are actually called antlers. They talked about after a deer losses his antlers then they become sheds. It talked about how both the antler or body size will not determine the age of the animal. Both the antler size and the body size are based on the kind of food the deer has to eat. To grow bigger deer you could help fertilize fields or put out corn for deer to eat. After you get a good dieting plan for the deer in the area you should start scouting them in the early part of the year. Do not wait until a week before the season starts to put effort into finding the deer on your farm or the land you are allowed hunting that year. Once you have a good idea on what area the deer are in and how you are going to go about getting into the area unnoticed. Then the last thing is that you will have to figure out whether you would want to hunt from the ground, a tree stand, or to find some friends to do some driving.

Wildlife, Ohio DNR Division of. " / Search." Hunting & Trapping Regulations. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Dec. 2016. This is the Ohio division of natural resources (DNR) homepage. Which listed the major rules for this years hunting season. It went over the bag limit for the year and what time periods you are able to go out and go hunting legal. It went over the types of broad heads you are allowed to use, what is the minimum poundage a bow has be to, and finally whether or not any of the rules have changed from last years season. However, this year most of the rules seem to be the same as last year. Do not try and memorize the rules because they have been known to change things year to year. The best thing to do would be to read to rules and regulations every year before you going out into the woods.

“10 Tips To Being A Better Deer Hunter - Game &Amp; Fish.” Game &Amp; Fish, Game and Fish, 2 Dec. 2015, tips-and-tactics/10-tips-to-being-a-better-deer-hunter/. This covers 10 tips that will help you become a better hunter. The first thing they talk about are making a list for things you need to do and to get a tote to store all of your hunting clothes and weapon in while season is out. Number two is to pay attention to the wind. Hunt an area were the wind is blowing in the opposite direction the deer are traveling that way the deer do not smell you as easy because our human odor will spook deer out of an area. The third rule talks about how you need to cover up you scent because it is impossible to eliminate our scent but we can hide it. The last rule is very important when it comes to bow hunters. If you are going to hunt from a tree stand or off the ground in any form to wear a safety harness. That way you are practice safe tactics and are protecting yourself from the possible of falling out of the stand. There is no point in putting your life in harms way for a deer.

@Celbydevereau. “Poaching or Trespassing, Ohio DNR Imposes Big Time Restitution - Wide Open Spaces.” Wide Open Spaces, 2 Jan. 2014, This article mainly goes over the amount of money that is cost a person who has been caught poaching deer. It says it used to be just a rate of 400 dollars per animal. However, now they have a formula to calculate the price it will cost a person who shot a buck unlawfully. The formula is (GROSS SCORE - 125)2 X 1.65 plus an additional 500 dollars. That is not including whether the person used a light to spot light the deer or other circumstances that could come into place. IF a person poaches a doe then it is just what laws were broke while they were harvesting the deer. Like did they shoot from the road, use a spot light, shoot too late or too early in the morning. There are no specific formulas for come up with a price for killing a doe unlawfully. It is just a combination of the laws broken and whether the game warden is feeling nice to let you off on a few charges. Sometimes if you just tell the truth and not try to lie your way out of it then the game warden may drop some of the charges that could be filed against you.

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