Andrew Jackson The T-Rex president

Andrew Jackson was a man of many things, but being a hero was not one of them. When Jackson was president he did a lot of bad things. For instance when the Georgia territory was purchased, instead of allowing the Cherokee to stay in their territory ,not Georgia's, he tried to move them somewhere else where there wasn't a lot of natural resources they needed, allegedly he even tried to kill them before they got there. Worse still he ignored the supreme court's decision to let the natives stay. In 1830 one supreme court justice said "The acts of Georgia are re pungent to the constitution". These actions were the ones that Jackson supported.

Removal act

Another Tyrannical act of Jefferson was his cabinet and the rest of the white house staff. It was filled with people who supported him, except that was the only prerequisite. These people were only there because they sponsored him, helped him get there, or supported him publicly. they weren't all the best choice, but that didn't matter because of his "spoils system".

Kitchen cabinet

Jackson was like Robin Hood's little brother, the exact opposite of him. he stole from the poor to give to the rich, not literally but it was very close. During his rain of delusional "great leadership", he brought the government bank back which was very good... if you just so happened to be rich, for poor people it wasn't so good and even though Jackson knew this he still kept the government banks open.

dooh-nibor (opposite of robin-hood)

"The people are the government administering it by their agents;they are the government the sovereign power"-Andrew Jackson, 7th president

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