Cash for Clunkers By: elizabeth Becker

The theory of leadership Barack Obama exemplified in this bill was Great Man Theory because he was trying to help the environment.

This theory was appropriate because he did help the environment by having fewer, older cars with not as efficient fuel systems that were harder on the environment on the road.

Critiques believe this was not appropriate because it didn't help the poor with buying a car. It left less revenue for them to get a cheaper car and they could not afford a real expensive car.

Another leadership theory that could've been applied in this situation would be transformational because you could use it to inspire others to help the environment.

This would be appropriate because the earth is the place you live and it is important to take care of it. Pollution is an issue so motivating people and inspiring others to get cars that help the environment would be beneficial.

Critiques would say this theory would not be appropriate because of the people who need cheaper cars and how they would be left out. They would say to put people first over the environment.

If I were president, I would've applied the participative leadership theory because that way, I would get opinions from all different types of people.

I am confident this would turn out successful because then, I could make more knowledgeable decisions for that bill and if need be, get rid of it if it is not working out for the benefit of the people.

One concern I would have with using this theory would be the arguments that would take place and inability to come to a real solution.

One aspect of the bill I feel is most beneficial to the majority of the people would be that older cars tend to be less full efficient so removing them from the road would be make things less harsh on the environment.

One aspect I don't agree with would reduce the revenue for cheaper, used cars which a lot of people and some people really need because they can't pay for a really expensive car.

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