Blood Spatter Patterns Meghan Williams

Arterial Spurting

This happens when a blood artery is cut or injured. The pressure from the blood causes it to gush or spurt out.

Back Spatter

It's blood that is directed away from the source that caused the Spatter, ex: a gun aimed at the head

Cast-Off Patterns

Blood that has flung off of a swinging or moving object, and it lands onto another surface.

High Velocity Impact Spatter

Spatter that is caused by high velocity impact source such a gun or explosion.

Medium Velocity Impact Spatter

Spatter that is caused by an object that used blunt force, such as a bat or knife.

Low Velocity Impact Spatter

Blood that falls under the influence of gravity.

Passive Drop

Blood that has dropped by the force of gravity alone.

Swipe Pattern

Blood that was smeared from one moving surface onto another.

Contact Stain

Created when a wet, bloody surface comes in contact with a dry clean surface.

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