Flamingos By abby lane

Known for their pink and fabulous feathers, flamingos don't have much to hide. Strap in as we analyze these amazing creatures. Their fascinating diet, their interesting habitat, and their peculiar facts that make them the animals that we know them to be.

Flamingos are able to fly. But how do they learn to do this skill? Flamingos are great learners. They learn how to fly by watching their mom and dad fly. Flamingos then are ready to start flying up and away!


The flamingos fascinating diet is mainly any organisms in the water. Flamingos are omnivores which means that they enjoy eating meat and they enjoy eating plants. They also like eating foods such as tiny shellfish, shrimp, snails, and algae. Flamingos love any other water organisms that they can find. But, flamingos needed to find a way to get the food they enjoy the most. What works best for the flamingos is to use their whole body to get the food. First, they use their long legs and webbed feet to stir up the mud. Next, they use their beaks to grab their food. Finally, they enjoy! The flamingos large variety of food is a big part in their diet.

Flamingos have a weird way of eating! They put their beaks under themselves to find food. It's very muddy down there, but the flamingos have decided that it's the most efficient way to get food!


The flamingos spend most of their time in their habitat by themselves. Flamingos enjoy living in places with a plethora of water. For example, they like to live near shallow lakes, lagoons and sandy islands. The flamingos need to live near muddy areas to help them get their food. Where the flamingos live impacts their diet, which is the food they eat. Also, it impacts their daily life style, and how the flamingos survive out in the wild.

Flamingos fascinating habitat helps them survive. This flamingo is getting ready to enjoy a delicious meal, in the water from their habitat.

Flamingos like to stay in flocks. Flocks means that they like it to stay together. Flamingos stay together on land and when they are flying.

Fun flamingo facts

The flamingos have some interesting features that make them the unique animals that they are. Have you ever wondered why flamingos are that astonishing color? That bright pink and orange color that the flamingos are known for is from the food that they eat. The food that flamingos eat are full of carotenoids. The carotenoids in the food make them the color that they are! Now, we all know flamingos, but what about flamenco, or flamma. The name "flamingo" came from a Spanish word "flamenco." Which came from a Latin word "flamma." Now we know flamingos have really long legs. The backward bending "knee" of a flamingos leg is actually their ankle. The Flamingos are amazing animals that we just can't get enough of.

The flamingo phenomenon has now taken of and people have now been putting fake flamingos on sticks in their yard. People have put flamingos in their yards for birthdays, party's, and other surprise celebrations!

Flamingos are animals that although they fight, they do work together. When 2 flamingos are having a baby flamingo, they have to use teamwork to figure out who will keep the egg warm at what time. This goes on and on for 30 days.

The pink feathers really make these animals pop. However, it's not just the feathers. Their amazing facts, their pleasing diet, and their impressive habitat makes us wonder about these amusing animals. With their 30-50 inch long legs, flamingos are the most recognizable wading, walking in water, birds in the world.

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