PSJA Collegiate HS Program Library Third Six Weeks 2018

SoutH Texas College Fast Track Field Trip

During the STC Fast Track field trip students who were TSI complete had the opportunity to register for their very first college classes. Students also toured South Texas College departments and library and had student IDs made.

Pictured right- Priscilla and Amelia show off their new STC medallions after completing the Honor Pledge.

Texas Library Standards-Strand 3: Reading – Dimension 4: Library programs encourage collaboration with other types of libraries (e.g. public, academic,governmental, special), information institutions (e.g. museums, institutes, and virtual field trips),and community partners growth, and enjoyment which are essential skills for college, career, and community.

Top Row Right to Left- 1. Students take the South Texas College honor pledge. 2. STC Honor Pledge; 3. Students show off their STC medallion; Second Row Right to Left- 4. Students tour the departments throughout STC; 5. Student watch as Culinary Arts students decorate cakes.

Futuristic TEchnology Research

Mr. Santos's Engineering class came to the library to research the futuristic technology of their choice and create newsletters about their research.

Creating newsletters about their research topic

Top Important health benefits of yarn crafting

  • Knitting and crochet relieve depression.
  • Crafting reduces anxiety.
  • Projects build self esteem.
  • Knitting and crochet can be a positive outlet to reduce irritability and restlessness.
  • Yarncrafting building community.
  • Crafting provides stress relief.

Learn more about yarncrafting and its benefits here: http://www.lionbrand.com/blog/10-most-important-health-benefits-of-yarncrafting/

Strand 5: Safe and Nurturing Environment - School libraries are essential, safe, and flexible environments and are inviting centers for teaching and learning. Dimension 1: The school library program features a learning environment that cultivates a sense of community and respect among all students and staff.

Last Days at our old location

The third six weeks was fast paced as we raced to pack up everything for our move into the new campus. I love these final shots of our staff and students at our old location on Standard Avenue in San Juan. I think most of us will agree we are ready for our new campus but it was nice for a little while in this cozy little school.

PSJA Collegiate HS Program Staff and Students 2018-2019

Sneak Peek at our LIbrary Before our Move In Date

This is just a sneak peak and not the final arrangement of our library. I wanted you too see our beautiful gray shelves, carpet and large couches.

Texas Library Standard- 7.17.4 The library program provides the tools and a dedicated space that is open for informal, unscheduled self-directed tasks that encourage a hands-on, problem-solving approach to learning.

Battle of the Books Team Selected

Congratulations to our Battle of the Books Team members: Karen Martinez, Josue Cedillo, Miguel Espinoza, Cassandra Rios

Texas Library Standard: 3.2.0 The school library program supports, supplements, and elevates literacy instruction through research based strategies and participation in national, state, and local reading initiatives.

Open Book Club Shirt Design

Our Book Club members submitted design ideas for our Open Book Club shirt. The final shirt shirt design includes a message in honor of our Vice President of the Library Advisory Board David Bosquez, III. Stop by the library to find out how you can order a shirt.

MackinVia Instructional Resources

Don't forget to check out our online resources. www.MackinVia.com provides access to quality digital content such as ebooks, audiobooks and many other instructional resources. A username and password is required, please contact the library for more information. Below are some of our available databases.

Texas Library Standard- 3.1.0 The library encourages students to read a variety of literature for information and pleasure. The library provides access to physical and virtual collections of high quality, current resources in a variety of formats (print, audio, electronic) and platforms (readable on most devices) which reflect input from stakeholders.

Internet Safety-Strong Passwords

Each newsletter, I will be sharing an internet safety tip. This six weeks learn more about setting strong passwords.

Texas Library Standard- 4.6.0 The library encourages students to use digital intellectual property responsibly, understand current copyright rules, make responsible online decisions, understand the significance of a digital identity, and use positive digital citizenship practices.

Texas Library Standard- 3.1.0 The library encourages students to read a variety of literature for information and pleasure.

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