About the Retreat An Ignatian Digital Retreat for a Pandemic

About the Retreat Author

Facilitation Suggestions

The beauty of a digital retreat is that it can happen anytime, anywhere, with any number of people. To that end, consider a few ideas:

Make a personal retreat.

Commit to progressing through each module over the course of four days. Each day, visit the module when you wake up, when you break for lunch, and when you finish dinner. See what resonates with you at these different times of day. See what sticks with you.

Make a retreat with friends.

Find a means of virtual communication that suites you and your friends, and use that as a way to check-in on how one another are progressing through the retreat. Ask one another the reflection questions as provided, or create your own. Consider selecting one module per week and checking in periodically or at a predetermined time.

Make a retreat with your parish, school or work community.

We're all looking for ways to stay connected with communities we otherwise saw everyday. Consider inviting parish groups to make this retreat together, electing one facilitator to guide discussions and check-ins. Share it in your school newsletter or Facebook page. Or invite some coworkers to pray with you during this challenging times.