Surrealism LU CHEN

Original school photograph
Reference Photograph
Final surrealism photo



In this photo surrealism project. I choose two pictures,one is the photo I took on school hallway and another photo I used is a photo of blue sky I found from internet. I transforms the original photo I took on school into sky.Also I use the lasso tool to transfer the sky into the hallway floor,and adjust the transparency of the photo to create inverted image on the ceiling. For my inspiration,I search about the photo of nature and I decide to combine the nature and industrial construction to create some contrast in between two different style. More over for create some interesting fact I decide to makes the sky upside down on the floor. The composing of my photo surrealism piece I took the original photo in the school hallway with a open door and transform a blue sky into and create a sky way. Lastly for this project, if I have more time I want to fix the mistake I had made,as well as the shadow of the door and some cutting problem.

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