Minera V.A.School Nursery/Reception Autumn term 2019

We have enjoyed our first term in our new class. We have made friends, found out about each other and worked together as an awesome team! Each one of us is special and important in our class.

We love the outdoors.

We explore the forest area in our school field.

We like using natural materials to make things and explore patterns.

Being outdoors promotes health and wellbeing, communication skills, mathematical understanding and knowledge of the world around us. We learn more, but most of all we have fun and love being in nature and mud!

We have been working hard to develop our number skills. We love dancing and movements to help us remember numbers. Our grown ups joined us for a maths session. We love showing you what we do at school . Thank you for coming to help me. Maths is important to me, visit our web page to find out more.

We have been counting to 20, subitising to 5, making 5 and learning number rhymes to write numbers. We have learnt some great songs to help us. I can teach you my favourite if you’d like?

Our grown ups have visited us in school to help share in the joy of reading. It really is magical! We’re learning about how precious books are. We love using our imagination.

We have been sharing lots of books so we can internalise the stories. This will help us develop our vocabulary, imagination and give us a bank of ideas when we become writers.

Books we have read and re read include;

The very hungry caterpillar, Gorilla, Hugless Douglass, More Ketchup please, Hairy Maclary, Peepo, Guess how much I love you, Spinderella, Dear Santa, Would you rather?, The smartest giant in town, Room on the broom, The boy who switched off the sun and Frog on a log.

The ‘Friends Of Minera’ have donated money to help us transform our classroom. We love our new areas; Somewhere over the rainbow, Dora Explorer, Biggleton, Mr Makers and Minera Construction. Thank you FOM.

FOM have also bought us some lovely items for our house. We all enjoy role playing in here.

Reception have been learning letter sounds and how to write them. They are practising writing 3 letter words (cvc) and how to write their names.

We love investigating in our learning environment. We count, sing and make discoveries.

We have enjoyed baking and exploring making patterns in flour. When we bake we are developing our language and mathematical skills.

We have been developing our personal and social skills. We are learning how to share, take turns and be kind. We talk about our Christian values every day in our worships. We have explored the themes, ‘Thankfulness and Trust.’

We have been learning about being a Christian and Reception have visited our local church for Diddy Diciples.

We have been exploring changes in our environments. We really enjoyed looking at our autumn treasures and sorting them in groups. We looked at colours, shapes, sizes and we counted each group.

We love playing in ‘Biggleton’ where we play with small world and role play. This helps develop our language skills and personal and social skills. I am always developing my imagination. ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’ Albert Einstein

Christmas is approaching quickly and we are excited to share our Christmas production, ‘Dear Santa’ with all our grown ups. Monday, 16th December at 10.45a.m.

Thank you for your continued to support as parents. Together we can give your child the best start in their education. Please remember we have an open door policy and any feedback or concerns we would be happy to discuss with you.

Lower Foundation Team

Created By
Emma Titchen