Air canon project by:Myreon Crumpler

What I was working on when my group was working on how to build the vertical shift I working on the horizontal shift which was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. But there was a lot of failures in printing the vertical shift.
During this time I was in my own little world on the working on the design of ball bearing I have failed multiple times on working on the holder and the lid to it.
I once did not send the correct format then I had made it way to small for it to hold anything. Then when I was ready on to actually print the 3D printer was jammed Mr.Twilley and I to figure out what was was jamming it and we had found out that there was a piece the printer plastic was jammed in it after all that I was finally able to print it all out.
I had not printed enough balls for the so I attempted to print more but the screen kept turning off which kept pausing the process of the balls halfway. I had finally turned off the screensaver to let it keep printing.I was thinking of when my group put the pieces into the assembly on Onshape I should make attempt to make it a bit bigger but I was told I would not need to remake another one.

Now this is when I am no longer sure what I am doing or helpful to the group. So after that I just sat there not 100% sure on what is going on because they are just making minor adjustments and cutting out practice parts on the laser before we go onto the shopbot. We have been “almost ready” for about 3 weeks now. I am not really needed because my piece is done and I really can not help with minor adjustments on Onshape.

The finished Canon the canon support and canon is heavy enough to stay on the ball bearings but still able to rotate with ease.
During our testing we shot at 3 different degrees the degrees were all under 30 degrees. In the 7 shots we made it on the tarp 4 out of 7 times.
Out of the 5 classes we still won overall in the least amount of shots. We are period 1 table 3 with 20 points in 7 shots.

If I could change anything I would make sure the horizontal movement had a stopper because it would move in the wind if there was a large gust of wind. Also I would want to make everything at least 2 times bigger because it was to close to the ground but it did use the least amount of wood in the class.

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