fotobabble Continental Drift

You have been selected to showcase one of the four key concepts in THE CONTINENTAL DRIFT HYPOTHESIS: puzzle like fit, matching fossil, structural/rocks, and climate clues. The fotobabble will be peer reviewed by your group members.

Task 1:

  • Read pages 248-252
  • Each member of the group should choose one of the following: Puzzle like fit, matching fossils, structural/rocks, climate clues
  • Find an image that accurately portrays your spectrum
  • Develop an explanation/description that accurately explains the evidence for the continental drift
  • Explain the oppositions argument against

Task 2

Click on the fotobabble button below and create a fotobabble account

Select "create new" - Upload your image - record your explanation/description (this should be no longer than 2-3 minutes long).

Task 3 - Copy the sharable link and submit it on the Canvas Assignment: Fotobabble-Continental Drift

Task 4 - You will go into CANVAS to watch each fotobabble & Peer Review them


Created with images by Fotografo de Bodas Quito (Insight Photography ) - "Ice Age - Scrat"

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