Fruits/vegetables my favorite fruit is apples. most apples come from america and south america. My favorite vegetable is tomatoes. They come from tomato farms in the u.s.

i chose this because it was a professional look. It makes me look like i know what I'm doing
we learned about how fruits can act as a supplement for topping. they create a sweet refined taste that pleases the nostrils and the buds on thy tongue.
i learned that pizza can be very healthy. Health is very important to survival.
Burritos are my amigos. They pace all the nutrients needed for the morning


Created with images by Annie Mole - "Pate on Oatcakes, cherry tomatoes and apples" • Jose C Silva - "Wearing a suit jacket, siting down" • Ruth and Dave - "Fruit tart from La Baguette et l'Echalote" • ponce_photography - "pizza garlic cutting board" • AlishaV - "Breakfast Burrito"

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