Crisis Text Line Free support at your fingertips 24/7

Crisis Text Line is a way for people with suicidal thoughts, depression or any other problems to cope with by texting a live, trained counselor from Crisis Foundation will respond quickly. The counselor helps the person move from a heated moment to a cool moment.

Crisis does two things with it´s foundation, 1) provides free, 24/7 emotional support and information to people in crisis, by text. and, 2) leverages the data to improve the state of the world. You know what I hate more in this world, more anything else? When people think mental disease is a joke because it's not. The picture above shows a normal, happy person's brain(on the left) and what a depressed person's brain(on the right) look like side by side. Yet people say you're fine you'll get over it in a few days, but that's not the case as studies say that clinical depression can last as long as 8 months.

The picture above is from the Crisis text line website. It shows all the things people text about, all from 12am to 11pm. It really makes me sad that many people deal with things, that people do that stuff to people. They know what they're doing is wrong, yet they still do it anyway. So, a group of people thought about creating something that will people with those problems to talk someone in an easy way. I'm guessing that's how Crisis Text Line started and since then they have helped 27,194,927 people through messages ever since August 1, 2013. They have also raised $23.8 million dollars through donates.

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