Boys varsity soccer game photos by Grace Elder

On Thursday, September 24, the SHS boys soccer team played Center Grove, cardinals won 2 to 0.

The varsity boys soccer team after huddle before the game starts.
Junior Van Lawma warming up before the game starts.
Junior Hector Gonzalez warming up before the game.
The whole boys varsity soccer team preparing to start the soccer game.
Bawi I Zung Lian dribbling the ball to the goal.
Junior Van Tin Lian dribbling the ball down the field.
Albert Thang spirting down the field.
Thang dribbles the ball closer to the goal.
Senior Van Duh Lian attempting to headbutt the ball.
Senior Arohn Mantun defending the goal.
Bawicung Phutin running to the other side of the field.
Junior Johnny Thang talking with the coach before going into the game.
Thang returns to the field during the game.
Sprinting to the other side of the field senior Patrick Oberc attempts to defend.
Senior Chang Thang stealing the ball.
After stealing the ball Thang attempted to make a goal.